The removal of loose soils prior to cleaning vinyl flooring is the most important step in the cleaning vinyl flooring total process. In fact it is the most important step in the cleaning of all floors. This article is dedicated to this discussion which includes why we remove loose soils prior to wet cleaning vinyl flooring as well as the cleaning tools and supplies needed to loose soil removal from floors.

The discussion will also advise what the best practices are regarding this first step in cleaning vinyl flooring and where to buy the tools and/or supplies to clean the loose debris from the floors.

The following is a list of the most common methods for the removal of loose debris and soils during the cleaning vinyl flooring process.

  • Broom – Sweeping
  • Dust Mop – Cotton Yarn or Microfiber
  • Dry Vacuum – Vacuuming

Broom sweeping is a method that was the first to be used back into ancient times. It is effective but does not remove enough of the fine particles and particulates. It is good for larger loose debris but not as well on smaller and fine sand, grit, dust, etc.

Dust mopping is the most common method for removing loose debris during the cleaning vinyl flooring procedures. The most common dust mop is a cotton yarn type mop head. Microfiber dust mop heads in recent years have made great strides in popularity. Dust mopping is a great way to removing loose soils including fine particulates. However, the best practice is to use a Microfiber dust mop head. It outperforms cotton dust mop heads for removal of loose soils. Another reason why using Microfiber dust mops makes sense other than the fact they work better than any other dust mopping tool include that they are also a greener way to clean and trap more loose debris and soil than other dust mopping tools. They can be laundered up to 500 times which saves money and the environment.

Vacuums are perhaps the best method for removing loose debris as the first step in cleaning vinyl flooring. A quality dry vacuum which an upright vacuum is preferred over other types of vacuums will remove all the fine particulates from the floor. They capture all the soils and do not require removal of the soils with a second step of discarding the soil with a dust pan. For these two reasons an upright vacuum is the best method for residential homes.


Cleaning Vinyl Flooring – Products and Procedures

The following is a list of products, tools and supplies for loose soil cleaning vinyl flooring.


Cleaning Vinyl Flooring – Brooms


  • Sweep
  • Push


Cleaning Vinyl Flooring – Microfiber Mops, Cloths and Microfiber Mop Tools



  • Laundered
  • Disposable


Cleaning Vinyl Flooring – Cotton Yarn Dust Mops, Cloths and Mop Tools


  • Laundered
  • Disposable


Cleaning Vinyl Flooring – Vacuums



  • Upright
  • Canister


Cleaning Vinyl Flooring – Where to Buy Quality Dust Mops

  • Local Janitorial Supply distributors 
  • National distributors like WW Grainger
  • Wholesale Club like Sam’s or Costco.
  • DYI and Local Hardware Stores like Lowes and Home Depot
  • Websites such as Amazon


Cleaning Vinyl Flooring – Reference Websites


Eureka Vacuums

Oreck Vacuums

Fuller Brush Company


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