The goal of this article is to advise our residential readers and visitors relative to cleaning shower floor on what type of cleaner to use. The difference may amaze our readers on the reason why a certain type of cleaning product is required to effectively clean shower floors.


There are many types of floors found in a shower including enamel, porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, marble, terrazzo, etc. So it stand to reason the average home owner may believe or have been convinced through advertizing that multiple products are required to clean the variety of different shower floor types found in a home. However, nothing is further than the truth. One type is necessary to clean all shower floors.


Cleaning shower floor is not hard but relatively easy as long as you keep up with routine or weekly cleaning of the shower floor. That is the key to all floors cleaning to keep up with the routine cleaning of floors. Doing so will eliminate the more difficult task of deep cleaning which requires stronger concentration of cleaning chemicals and tools and a longer time to clean.



Cleaning Shower Floor – What Type of Cleaner should be Used


There are basically two types of soils. The first are soils that are acidic in nature. Most soils on floors are acidic by nature. However, in a shower environment soils are alkaline in nature. You may ask why this is important to know. The reason is simple.


To remove a soil you need a cleaner that is the opposite nature then the soil itself. So for acidic soils which are found on most floors throughout a home, you need a regular common cleaning chemical such as Mr. Clean or Pledge Floor Cleaners.


But for Shower floors, they need an acidic base cleaner because the soils on a shower floor are alkaline in nature and are a combination of body oils, soap, and lime scale from hard water deposits. These types of soils on a shower floor need an acidic cleaner to remove the soils.



Cleaning Shower Floor – Other Cleaning Tools


As an option to improve cleaning and the speed of cleaning, there are also other available tools to use in conjunction with a shower cleaner that will help speed up the cleaning process and deliver very good results. That is the use of an Eraser type cleaning pad. Now most will say that it is ok to use the magic eraser type pads with plain water, we do not advise using plain water to clean a shower floor. Use an acid based cleaning product like Tilex or Scrubbing Bubbles and an eraser pad to speed up the process and deliver great results.



Cleaning Shower Floor – Reference Information


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