This is a common question from residential homeowners. The question comes because many homeowners that have linoleum floors in their homes have seen their floor turn yellow or lose its smooth surface and appears rough. The reason for this is because linoleum floors are basically a wood floor. We are talking about true linoleum floors and cleaning linoleum floors have to be cleaned using the same precautions when cleaning a wood floor.

The goal of this article is to provide our readers with simple easy directions for cleaning linoleum floors while staying away for the pitfalls that can cause issues from routine regular cleaning.

As stated above, linoleum floors are basically a wood floor. They are made from Wood Flour, linseed oil, fillers, binders (adhesives) and a protective coating. A true Linoleum floor is made of wood flour. So it is important to know whether you have a true linoleum floor or a vinyl floor because it is common mistake for people to refer to all tile of sheet flooring as linoleum. So knowing the difference will allow the homeowner to use the proper cleaning procedures on their linoleum floor.

So it is important to remember when cleaning linoleum floors that you are maintaining a wood floor. Remember that wood hates water and so does Linoleum floors. Use the least amount of water and cleaning product as possible to clean the floor.

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Linoleum floors come in tiles or sheet roll stock. It is a beautiful looking floor and comes in many colors and designs. So it is no wonder that this flooring is backing a comeback in popularity with both the commercial and residential market.


Cleaning Linoleum Floors – Regular Cleaning Procedures

  1. Dust Mop or Vacuum the linoleum floor to remove all loose soils and grit.
  2. Prepare a bucket and wringer with clean, cool water and clean mop and mix a linoleum cleaning product according to label direction with water. A simple detergent such a dishwashing detergent or a neutral floor cleaner can be used. Do not use harsh cleaners, ammonia, bleach or vinegar on the floor.
  3. Wring to the cleaner solution from the mop so the mop is not dripping when pulled from the wringer. This will allow you to damp mop the floor; cleaning it with the least amount of water. Remember that wood hates water and you do not want to over wet the floor.
  4. It is a good idea to use an overhead ceiling fan to assist in drying the floor. This will help speed up drying and reduce the chance of water damage.
  5. Allow floor to dry thoroughly.  Even without a fan, drying should not take any longer than 5 to 7 minutes. If it takes longer, you are over wetting the linoleum floor.

Additional Note: We recommend using products and a maintenance program designed for linoleum floors. These can be found at a linoleum floor Retailer, the Internet, DYI Stores such as Lowes or Home Depot or a neighborhood hardware store.


Cleaning Linoleum Floors – Reference Websites


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