Cleaning old hardwood floors can be tricky. Tricky only because you will need to take some necessary precautions and steps to insure proper preparation of the floor prior to cleaning old hardwood floors as it pertains to routine or regular cleaning.


It is critical when it comes to cleaning old hardwood floors that you make sure that there is no damage such as water damage or chips and splits in the wood itself. Damage if not repaired will continue to grow worse when cleaning. Other considerations would be to determine what type of seal or wax is on the floor prior to cleaning old hardwood floors. Or for that matter if there is any seal or wax costing on the floor to protect it from damage.


If paste wax have been used to maintain the wood floor it is best to stay with a paste wax for protecting the floor. If an oil based treatment has been used, it would be best to stay with the same type of treatment. This will allow the floor to maintain its integrity.


The most important thing is protect the hardwood floor from water damage when cleaning old hardwood floors. So be sure it is protected with a seal. As far as the cleaning steps, they are relatively easy once you have made sure the hardwood floor is protected.


The goal of this article will provide you with steps to cleaning old hardwood floors. Remember when it comes to cleaning wooden floors…WOOD HATES WATER!


Cleaning Old Hardwood Floors – Cleaning Steps


  1. Dust Mopping: Dust mop or sweep using a cotton yarn dust mop or broom. We prefer using a microfiber cloth to dust mop old hardwood floors. Remove the loose debris from the floor and discard in the trash.

  2. Wet Cleaning:  Two Recommended Optional Ways to Cleaning Old Hardwood Floors

    Option 1: Damp clean using a flat mop microfiber system such as Swiffer or Bona. We recommend this type of cleaning tool and system because it reduces the amount of water needed to clean the floor.

    Option 2: Steam Floor Mop Cleaning uses steam and microfiber pad to clean the floor and like using a damp mopping microfiber cleaning system, Steam Floor Mops puts the least amount of moisture on the hardwood floor.


Cleaning Old Hardwood Floors – Helpful Websites

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