Cleaning grout is an incredible topic because almost every home has a floor installed that includes grout as part of the floor. Bathrooms, kitchens, foyers and even basements have grouted floors so cleaning grout is a topic interesting to almost every residential homeowner.

What makes cleaning grout even a more interesting topic, it has a tendency to soil easily and the porosity of the grout allows soil to penetrate it deeply making it difficult to clean.

Even though many homeowners have a hard time keeping grout clean or a difficult time cleaning grout, there is a simple, effect and inexpensive way to cleaning grout. The key is to perform regular cleaning to grouted floors.

I would caution our readers not use vinegar, bleach or ammonia when cleaning grout. These types of common household items are inexpensive but these items can actually damage grout with continued use. Besides if ammonia and bleach is mixed intentionally or by accident, it will create a lethal and fatal gas that can kill people in moments.

However, the following recommended method of cleaning might surprise you because it is a common household item with the use of a special cleaning pad. It is simple, easy and cleaning grout will become less of chore. It will also deliver that clean look to your grout that you desire.


Cleaning Grout – Routine Cleaning Process


  • Thoroughly sweep floors surface.
  • Mix 8 to 16 ounces of Baking Soda with a one gallon of warm water, liberally apply the baking soda solution to the floor and in the grout lines and allow to dwell for a few minutes (3 to 5 Minutes). If the solution dries up, reapply the baking soda solution keeping the grout lines and floor wet during the dwelling time.

    1. Manual with Holder and Handle: Manually scrub the floor using a utility scrub brush or “That’s Amazing” Utility Pad (product contact information below) attached to a doodlebug holder to scrub the grout and tile.
    2. Manual Hand Sponge: Manually scrub the grout and floor using “That’s Amazing” Hand Sponge Pad (product contact information below) until clean. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can also be used if “That’s Amazing” pads are not available.
  • Pick up dirty cleaning solution from the floor and grout with “That’s Amazing” Hand Pads or sponge and discard into a bucket.
  • Do a final damp mop with clean cool water to ensure all dirty solution and rinse water is properly removed from the floors surface.
  • Let thoroughly dry before walking on your freshly cleaned floor.


Cleaning Grout – Reference Websites


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