No matter how well you clean your floors including a granite floor, there will eventually come a time when you need to perform a periodic heavy or deep cleaning. The reason why this deep cleaning procedure needs to be performed is that daily or routine cleaning still can leave small amounts of residual soil on the floor when you are cleaning granite floors. Over time this soil begins to build up and requires a stronger cleaning procedure to be completed to remove the soil and as a result of deep cleaning granite floors restore the granite floors appearance as new again.


Deep cleaning granite floors will need to be performed periodically in a residential home whether the granite floor is sealed or unsealed. The only difference is if the homeowner has applied a floor finish to seal the granite floors, you would then deep cleaning granite floors the same way you would deep clean any floor that has a floor finish top coating on it. Please see the following link for deep cleaning procedures if your granite floor is top coated with a floor finish (Clean Tile Floors – Floor Finish (Wax) Deep Scrub & Recoat Procedures).


The goal of this article is to provide our residential homeowners visitors with the procedures and tools for deep cleaning granite floors that have been unsealed.



Cleaning Granite Floors – Deep Cleaning Procedures – Residential



Cleaning Granite Floors – Products, Tools, Equipment and Supplies


  • 2 Mops and 2 Buckets
  • Scrub brush with a long handle
  • The “That’s Amazing” utility Pad from Unichem Marketing and Doodle Bug Holder with handle
  • Professional Grade Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser
  • Optional: Home Floor Scrubber like the Hoover Floor Mate


Cleaning Granite Floors – Heavy Deep Cleaning Procedures

  1. In one mop bucket mix Cleaner Degreaser with water according to label directions (mop bucket #1).
  2. Liberally apply the floor with Cleaner Degreaser solution.
  3. Work Cleaner Degreaser onto granite floor and grout using the scrub brush or use The “That’s Amazing” Utility Scrub Pad to manually scrub the floor and the same method can be used for edges, baseboards and tight confined areas.
  4. Damp rinse floor with cool clean water (bucket and mop #2).
  5. Allow the floor to dry before allowing foot traffic on the floor.



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