When it comes to cleaning the floor as it relates to rubber floors, there are some special precautions that the end-user needs to understand before performing any cleaning or maintenance to the rubber floor.

In the commercial market, rubber floors are increasing in popularity in some specific sectors of the market like Health care and Educational facilities. They are popular because they are marketed as low or no maintenance flooring but that is an over statement. They are popular also because they are soft on the feet, quiet and come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles.

The objective of this article is to provide our readers with information to care for rubber floors including cleaning the floor and identifying what type of rubber floor has been installed. We will also cover the precautions with rubber floors and the common issues associated with rubber floors.

The information provided in this discussion when cleaning the floor will make it easier and reduces possibility of damage to rubber flooring.


Cleaning the Floor – Types of Rubber Floors


As stated above, rubber floors as purchased because they are marketed and promoted as a low maintenance floor covering. However end users quickly discover that this is not true. They soon begin looking for ways to correct the issues of maintenance on these rubber floors when cleaning the floor. It is issue because rubber floors can be sensitive to cleaners, abrasives and even sunlight and fluorescent lighting. Rubber floors have special needs and require specific cleaning products, machines, tools and supplies.  So the end users begin looking for solutions to the following.

  • scuffing
  • daily cleaning
  • stain prevention
  • stripping
  • sealing
  • floor finish


Cleaning the Floor – Types of Rubber Floors

  • Natural Rubber – Made from milky, white liquid (latex) found in plants.
  • Synthetic Rubber – Made from chemicals to form the polymerization of certain unsaturated hydrocarbons that are structured to have like properties to natural rubber.
  • Recycled Rubber Floors Mostly used old vehicle tires that are recycled making them extremely water-resistant and temperature tolerate.



Cleaning the Floor – Rubber Floors Special Care


  • Floor Finishes can be used on Rubber Floors but use a rubber safe sealer on the bare floor before applying a floor finish.
  • Use a specialty formulated non-alkaline based Rubber Stripper when stripping floor finish from a rubber floor. Do not ever use a conventional type floor stripper.
  • Never use black, Brown or aggressive brushes on rubber floors. They will damage them.
  • For daily cleaning use a neutral type cleaner that is loaded with surfactants. This type of cleaner will penetrate the soils quickly and allow for the fast removal of the soils with a minimal amount of time. The neutral cleaner will be safe for both the floor finish and the rubber flooring.
  • Dust mop of sweep at least daily and as often as possible to prevent loose grit and soils from scratching the rubber floor.


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