Most homes today have some type of tile and grout floor surface.  These types of floor surfaces are very beautiful and durable but from time to time they need a good thorough heavy cleaning to really show off its beauty. This article will provide the residential homeowner with practical procedures and a list of tools and supplies needed to deep clean floor grout.

Heavy cleaning floor grout and these types of surfaces is actually very easy if you have a 12 – 13 inch swing floor machine. We realize that most homeowners do not have a swing floor machine but their many tool rental stores including hardware stores where you can rent one.  If using a swing floor machine is not an option. Using a utility scrub brush, the “That’s Amazing” Utility Cleaning Pad or the “That’s Amazing” Hand Sponge Pad can be used to manually scrub the grout clean. Below is the basic process on how to effectively clean floor tile and grout.


Cleaning Floor Grout – Heavy Cleaning Floor and Grout Process – Residential

  • Thoroughly sweep the floors surface
  • With the solution mop bucket and mop, lightly flood the floors surface (do not flood more than you can clean before the floor dry’s).
  • Scrubbing Options: (Either/Or)

    • Swing Floor Machine: Thoroughly scrub floor and grout surface using swing machine and the “That’s Amazing” Floor Cleaning Pad or scrub grit brush using properly mixed solution (2-3 side to side passes with swing machine should be sufficient).
    • Manual with Holder and Handle: Manually scrub the floor using a utility scrub brush, the “That’s Amazing” Utility Cleaning Pad attached to a doodlebug holder to scrub the grout and tile.
    • Manual Hand Sponge: Manually scrub the grout and floor using the “That’s Amazing” Hand Sponge Pad until clean.
  • Use wet dry vacuum to pick up solution, if no wet dry vacuum use pick up mop and mop up dirty solution.
  • Lightly flood rinse floor with clear cool water in the area that was just cleaned.
  • Use wet dry vacuum to pick up rinse water, if no wet dry vacuum use pick up mop and mop up rinse water.
  • Do a final damp mop with clean cool water to ensure all dirty solution and rinse water is properly from the floors surface.
  • Let thoroughly dry before walking on your freshly cleaned floor.


Cleaning Floor Grout – Equipment, Supplies and Tools

  • Broom
  • 12 – 13 inch swing floor machine
  • “That’s Amazing” Floor Cleaning Pad, “That’s Amazing” Utility Cleaning Pad, “That’s Amazing” Hand Sponge Pad and/or scrub grit brush
  • One solution mop bucket filled with clean cool water and appropriate cleaning solution.
  • One rinse mop bucket filled with cool clean water.
  • Solution for light soil, use a certified neutral cleaner (usually 1 ounce per gallon is sufficient)
  • Solution for heavy soil, use a certified degreaser (usually 2 ounces per gallon is sufficient).
  • One solution mop
  • One rinse mop
  • Optional – Wet dry vacuum (if no wet dry vacuum use a third mop to pick up rinse water and damp mop)
  • Doodle bug or Utility Pad Holder to detail corners and edges that the buffer can’t reach


Cleaning Floor Grout – Final Thoughts and Recommendations


This type of thorough cleaning should be performed at least one time per year, or when you notice the floor becoming visibly dirty after you have swept and mopped the floor.


Written by:  Kerry G. Brooks, Consultant/Floor care specialist and owner of ICA Solutions, LLC

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