The objective to this article is to provide information on cleaning floors with Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaners. This is becoming a growing trend in both the commercial and residential markets.  Whether you are cleaning floors that are traditional tile floors or hard flooring such as ceramic, slate, terrazzo, concrete, etc., Hydrogen Peroxide based floor cleaners do a great job of cleaning and provide the user with a Green product. Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners (H2O2) are friendly for the environment because of the Hydrogen Peroxide ingredient – after several minutes (usually between 10 and 20 minutes) it reverts back to Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. This is tremendous for the environment. But not only is it better for the environment, these Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners also perform extremely well.

The residential market adapted to this type of cleaning agent early in their introduction. The commercial industry has now recognized Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners as a viable option as a cleaning product and is growing rapidly.

A highly recognized name for the residential market is OXICLEAN. On the commercial side of the cleaning floor business, there are also many choices; including Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners from well know leading cleaning chemical manufacturers like Spartan Chemical, Diversey, Betco, Eco labs, etc. It is not our intent to promote one brand but only use the name OXICLEAN to illustrate what is a Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner.

Within the cleaning industry, there are discussions on why certain Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners are superior to others, and there is truth to this discussion. Some claim to have a special patented formulation using accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide base cleaners that claim superior results while others claim to have specific surfactants and builders in the their Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner that makes it superior in performance. There are differences but either way, Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaners are here to stay and their use will continue to increase because they work well and are eco-Friendly.


Cleaning Floors – Green Organizations

Many Environmental Trade Organizations that approve or certify Green Cleaning Products are reviewing, testing or have already approved Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaners. Packaging is also a careful consideration for approving any cleaning product as Green for these Green Authority organizations.

However, as stated earlier, these Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning products are environmentally friendlier than other cleaning products and as a consumer in either the commercial or residential marketplace, Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners should be considered as a choice from cleaning floors.


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