Cleaning cork floors is a simple process as long as you remember that cork is basically a wood floor and wood and cork floor hate water. It will cause damage over time. So when you cleaning cork floor using the least amount of water or cleaner solution is the recommended process when you routinely clean cork floor.


Cork is a warm and wonderfully soft floor that is quiet and inviting to walk on. It comes in a variety of designs. It was extremely popular many decades ago but there has been increase in its popularity with home owners.


The goal of this article is to offer a system for cleaning cork floor with a Steam floor Mop. We highly recommend this cleaning process and tool because it requires no cleaning chemicals and the least amount of water to clean the cork floor. Every Steam Floor Mop uses a microfiber cleaning cloth on the steam head which assists in the cleaning of the floor.


If you were more interested in the step by step cleaning procedures for cleaning cork floors in a commercial building, please click on the following link (Cleaning Cork Floors – Daily Cleaning – Commercial).

The following is simple steps of cleaning cork floor with a Steam Floor Mop. It is great way to clean and will virtually reduce the amount of water to clean the cork floor to also none.


Cleaning Cork Floor – Regular Cleaning Steps and Procedures


  1. Sweep or vacuum the cork floor prior to cleaning the floor using a microfiber dust mop or upright vacuum.  Remove gum and other debris adhered to the floor with a Blunt Plastic Scraper. Do not over scrape or apply to much pressure. Doing so may damage the finish coating of the floor. Remove the loose debris from the floor and discard in the trash.
  2. Fill the Steam Mops Water Reservoir with plain tap water. Do not add any cleaning chemical.
  3. Put the microfiber cleaning cloth on the steam Floor Mop Steam head.
  4. Plug in the Steam Floor Mop unit into a standard electrical wall outlet.
  5. Allow the steam floor mop to heat and crate a steam.
  6. Following the directions on how to use the Steam Floor Mop, scrub the floor until the entire cork floor has been cleaned.
  7. Be sure not to spend too much time on one spot when cleaning the cork floor.

Cleaning Cork Floor – Reference Websites

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