With some many homes having ceramic flooring, cleaning ceramic floor tiles is one of the most common questions or keyword phases entered into search engines related to floor cleaning. The goal of this article is to provide all our readers and especially residential homeowners with a fast and cheap way to clean ceramic floors. No special products are required and all the tools, supplies and cleaners can be found in all homes. So there is no special trip to the grocery, hardware or DYI store.

As stated above, bathrooms, kitchens, foyers and even basements have ceramic floors so cleaning ceramic floor tiles is a topic interesting to almost every residential homeowner.

We will address the step by step cleaning procedures with common household items. Because many ceramic floors are unglazed they can be more difficult to clean due to the fact that unglazed ceramic floors are extremely porous. So soil will penetrate deep into the pores of the ceramic floor tiles. However, cleaning ceramic floor tiles that unglazed does not have to be difficult if you keep up with regular routine cleaning and follow the easy and inexpensive steps of cleaning ceramic floor tiles.

I would caution our readers not use vinegar, bleach or ammonia when cleaning grout. These types of common household items are inexpensive but these items can actually damage grout with continued use. Besides if ammonia and bleach is mixed intentionally or by accident, it will create a lethal and fatal gas that can kill people in moments.


Cleaning Ceramic Floor Tiles – Routine Cleaning Process


  • Sweep Floor: Thoroughly sweep floors surface to remove all loose soils.
  • Cleaner Solution: Mix 8 to 16 ounces of Baking Soda with a one gallon of warm water, liberally apply the baking soda solution to the floor and in the grout lines and allow to dwell for a few minutes (3 to 5 Minutes). If the solution dries up, reapply the baking soda solution keeping the grout lines and floor wet during the dwelling time.
  • Manual Scrubbing: Manually scrub the floor using a utility scrub brush or floor brush. The key is to use a medium stiff bristle scrub brush. If the bristle is too hard it will not clean deep into the pores of the ceramic floor tile. If the scrub brush bristles are too soft, it will glide across the surface of the ceramic floor tiles and not provide enough agitation to clean the ceramic floor. We recommend using a brush that will accept a long handle attached to it. This will allow the user to scrub the floor while standing up and on their hands and knees.
  • Pick Up Dirty Solution: Pick up dirty cleaning solution from the floor and grout with sponge, cloth towel or paper towel and discard into a bucket.
  • Rinse: Do a final damp mop with clean cool water to ensure all dirty solution and rinse water is properly removed from the floors surface.



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