When cleaning cement floors, the removing of stains from cement floors can be a frustrating experience because of the nature of concrete or cement floors. What you must always remember when cleaning cement floors is that the cement itself is extremely porous. The porosity of the cement allows soil, dirt, oil, grease to rapidly penetrate into the cement floor. This make cleaning cement floors frustrating because the deeper the soil the more difficult it is to remove t he soil. This is especially true with stains such as oil and grease. In fact if the cement has not been previously sealed with a top coating seal to form a barrier to protect the cement from soils and oils makes it almost impossible to remove the entire stain; even more so if the stain has been left on the cement floor for a long time.



But there is good news; you can remove 80% to 99% of the stains by following some simple and effective steps. The goal of this article is to provide you with the steps to eliminate the frustration of stain removal when cleaning cement floors.



If you were more interested in routine cleaning of concrete or cement floors instead of stain removal, please click on the following  link information on this topic (Concrete Floor Cleaning – Routine or Daily Cleaning – Residential).



Stain Removal Steps & Tips


  • Cleaning cement floors will be easier if you pick up and clean stains on the cement floor ASAP. The faster the removal of the soils of the stain, the easier it will be to clean because the soil or oil has not had time to penetrate too deep into the pores of the cement.
  • Always use a quality degreaser when cleaning cement floors; one that rapidly penetrates soils and oils and goes deep into the pores of the cement floor.
  • When cleaning cement floors, always allow a long dwell time of the cleaner on the stain and many cases up to 24 hours. This may seem hard because of the cleaning product drying out before that time but it is easy if you follow the next steps.
    1. Apply a very liberal amount of the cleaning solution on the stain(s); keep it wet for at least 15 minutes, and then scrub with a wire brush from the outside edges of the stain toward the center of the stain.
    2. Wipe up the solution with paper towel or rag. Inspect to see the results. If it appears relatively clean, rinse the stain with clear water, pick up the water and repeat the rinse process again. Allow to dry for as long as it takes. A fan will speed up the drying process. If the stain is still visible or the shadow of the stain is present to the point you want to try to remove more of the stain, then perform the following steps.
    3. Repeat Step 1. And then reply the cleaning solution to the stain again. Using a rayon or synthetic cloth or mop head, soak the cloth or mop head with the cleaning solution and lay over the top of the stain making sure that it is completely covered. Tape a plastic bag over the cloth or mop head to the cement floor. Duct Tape and a normal trash can liner work well for this step. This will seal the cleaning solution and not allow air to dry it out. Now leave the cleaning solution on the stain for 24 hours.
    4. After 24 hours, remove the tape and plastic. Remove the cloth or mop head. Scrub the stain as you did in step one.
    5. Repeat Step 2. This should remove 80% to 100% of the stain. Most people can live with a slight shadow of the stain, especially if it is only a shadow of the stain.




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