The goal of this discussion is to provide our commercial readers with step by step instructions on for deep cleaning cement floor that has no top coating seal or finish on it. Deep cleaning differs from daily cleaning and is done on a periodic basis. It is performed when the soil penetrates into the pores of the cement floor to a point where daily cleaning cannot remove the soil and therefore a much deeper cleaning is required to bring back the clean appearance of the floor.



Regarding cleaning cement floor, it is important to also understand what a cement floor is. Cement floors also commonly called concrete floors are a mixture of aggregates such as crushed stone, sand and cement. There are other materials as well but these are the main components of cement floors. Cement floors are a poured floor meaning that when the components are mixed together along with water, the slurry is poured into a form and allowed to set up and dry.



So proper daily maintenance and periodic heavy or deep limestone floor cleaning is an absolute must to maintain great looking limestone floors. The correct and proper maintenance of limestone floors will also extend the life of your floor.



Heavy or deep cleaning process for cement floors involves proper chemical, dilution, brushes and equipment.  The following deep cleaning procedures describe the cleaning process for using hand-held equipment.  For larger commercial floor areas an automatic scrubber can be used to save time and labor.



Deep Cleaning Unsealed Cement Floors



Products, Tools, Equipment and Supplies


  • Perform heavy cleaning using the following tools and cleaners
  • Swing machine
  • Flo-Pac scrub grit brush (make sure the proper clutch for your swing machine is included on the scrub grit brush)
  • Wet dry vacuum
  • Flo-Pac scrub grit doodle bug with handle
  • Heavy-Duty Cement Floor Cleaner such as Diversey’s JonCrete Concrete and Floor Restorer
  • Neutralizing solution
  • 3 wet mops
  • 3 mop buckets


Heavy Deep Cleaning Procedures


  1. In one mop bucket mix according to label directions of the heavy-duty cleaner (mop bucket #1).
  2. Flood mop floor with heavy-duty cleaner (clean approximately 50 square foot section at a time).
  3. Scrub the heavy-duty cleaner solution into cement floor using swing machine and Flo-Pac scrub grit brushes, making 3-4 passes in each area is in most cases sufficient.
  4. Using wet dry vacuum pick up the heavy-duty cleaner solution.
  5. Flood rinse floor with cool clean water (bucket and mop #2).
  6. Using wet dry vacuum pick up rinse water.
  7. Flood rinse floor with neutralizing solution (bucket and mop #3).
  8. Using wet dry vacuum pick up neutralizing solution.
  9. Flood rinse floor with neutralizing solution (bucket and mop #3).
  10. Using wet dry vacuum pick up neutralizing solution.
  11. Damp mop the floor with neutralizing solution (bucket and mop #3).




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