There are more and more commercial buildings especially in higher end retail stores that are installing wood floors. So the question of how to clean wooden floors in the commercial marketplace is becoming more common. How to clean wooden floors is relatively simple but precautions need to be taken when cleaning any wooden floor whether it is in a home or a commercial facility. Precautions include using the correct cleaning chemical, using the right tools and always remembering that wood hates water. That is correct, water can damage wood.


First you should never use any water on an unsealed floor but the odds of having an unsealed floor in a commercial building is highly unlikely. Even with a sealed wooden floor, using the least amount of water to clean the floor is critical to preventing water damage of a long period of time.


The objective of this article is to provide our commercial visitors with the proper steps on how to clean wooden floors on a routine basis. For additional information on precautions to take when cleaning wooden floors please see a previously written article on Do’s and Don’ts on wood floors, please click on the following link to take you there (Cleaning Hardwood Floors Do’s and Don’ts). The following article will cover the best practices for Commercial of how to clean wooden floors.


Remember not over wet wooden floors, even sealed wooden floors.


How to Clean Wooden Floors – Routine Cleaning Procedures


  • Dry clean the wooden floor with an untreated dust mop to remove loose soil and debris. We strongly recommend using a microfiber dust mops are available Remove gum and other debris adhered to the floor with a Blunt Plastic Scraper. Do Not over scrape or apply to much pressure. Doing so may damage the finish coating of the wooden floor.
  • Use a dry vacuum to vacuum entrance matting. A vacuum with a beater brush is the preferred equipment.
  • Clean individual spots and stains by spot damp mopping with a microfiber flat mop. Allow to dry thoroughly. Use professional grade Hardwood Floor Cleaner Used according to label directions. Remove black marks with light duty white pad or tennis ball.
    Automatic Scrubber: When using an automatic scrubber be sure to set the cleaning solution value opened at the lowest possible setting to accomplish the cleaning task. We also recommend using a white polishing pad on the automatic scrubber or a microfiber floor pad. This will assist in preventing damage to the seal finish of the wooden floor.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE:  Always post Wet Floor signs whenever using liquids on floors including plain water.  Also, always wear appropriate personal protective gear (goggles, gloves, proper protective footwear and aprons) when dealing with cleaning chemicals.


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