The purpose of this article is provide our readers with the very simple daily cleaning steps on how to clean wood laminate floors in a way that will not damage the wood laminate floor over a prolonged period of time. This is important because a wood laminate floor is a wood floor and there are precautions that need to be considered on how to clean wood laminate floors to prevent wood damage to the floor. We will also discuss some commonly recommended household cleaning agents to AVOID when cleaning a wood laminate floor. These often highly recommended cleaning agents will damage wood laminate floors over time.

When it comes to how to clean wood laminate floors, it does not have to be complicated and as with anything in life, it is always best to keep it simple. So we believe that our readers’ will find the following cleaning procedures easy and effective to keeping wood laminate floors clean.

Wood means wood and precaution should be taken when cleaning any type of wood flooring including laminate wood floors. Please review prior articles on cleaning wood floors (How to Clean Hardwood Floors – Simple Regular Cleaning and Cleaning Hardwood Floors Do’s and Don’ts).

Most importantly, remember Wood hates Water.


How to Clean Wood Laminate Floors – Cleaning Steps

  • Dry Cleaning: This is the first step in all daily cleaning. Use a microfiber dust mop to remove loose debris from the floor. Microfiber is the best practice that will capture and trap more loose soil from the floor than a standard dust mop or a broom. Microfiber dust mops are also quicker to use because they clean more efficiently. Use a flexible blunt plastic scraper to gently remove any soils that maybe caked up and adhered to the wood laminate floor such as gum, candy, stickers, labels, etc.
  • Wet Cleaning: Use a damp cleaning method to clean wood laminate floors. Manually damp mopping with a microfiber flat mop system with a neutral rinse free cleaner using according to label directions. Again, a microfiber wet mop will outperform standard mops or sponge mops in cleaning effectiveness and is also a faster way to cleaning; saving time for the homeowner.  Other mopping tools can also be used but Microfiber is the best way to clean laminate wood floors.Microfiber wet mop uses the least amount of water/cleaner solution to produce superior results and this is good for a wood floor; even a wood laminate floor because wood hates water. 


How to Clean Wood Laminate Floors – Common Cleaning Agent to Avoid


  • Vinegar: To not use Vinegar to clean floors. Vinegar is an acid and acid base cleaning agents do not do a good job of cleaning to remove acid soils which are the most common type of soil on floors. An alkaline based or neutral cleaner is needed to produce better cleaning results of removing acid soils from the floor. This vinegar method of cleaning does not employ any surfactants that are in cleaning products. Surfactants are a critical raw material in producing superior cleaning results.
  • Ammonia: Do not use ammonia. This is basically a waste of cleaning time because ammonia and water without surfactants found in cleaners to penetrate the soil, suspend it (suspending soil is critical for the removal of the soil from the floor) will not clean the floor with best results. Additionally, ammonia can be dangerous to use. Especially if misused or handled the wrong way.
  • Bleach: This is a harsh chemical that should not be used. It is dangerous and again like ammonia and water as a cleaning agent, without surfactants to suspend soil, bleach and water will not deliver the best cleaning results.


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