This article’s objective is to address the need for cleaning wood floors in a residential home in a responsible way that is friendly to both the environment and the consumer’s wallet by using sustainable cleaning chemicals and tools. We will also identify two cleaning supply items that form a wood floor cleaning system to complete the task of cleaning wood floors – Cleaner and Microfiber Mop System.

It is simple, effective and cost effective, so it only makes sense to clean green and in a sustainable way. What is truly remarkable is this sustainable or a greener way to clean wood floors is less expensive than using traditional products and tools. Sustainability cleaning does not have to only translate to green cleaning but it also means minimizing cost and time as you help with the environment. In order for Sustainable Cleaning to be successful, the three basic factors of People, Earth and Financial must benefit from the sustainable cleaning process. The recommendations below will accomplish this goal.

Combining sustainable wood floor cleaning supplies with the proper cleaning procedures will deliver the right results with no additional cost.

For a procedure reference for traditional cleaning of wood floors please visit a prior article on procedure cleaning of hardwood floors (How to Clean Hardwood Floors – Simple Regular Cleaning).



Clean Wood Floors – Sustainable Green Products – Wood Floor Cleaners and Microfiber Mops

  1. Cleaners: The residential market is loaded with many options to clean and this is true for cleaning wood floors. A sustainable product should be a cleaner that is in the neutral pH range with neutral being a pH of 7.0 but a safe range can be all the way to 9.5 or in some cases even as high as 11.0 pH.  There many on the market. Additionally, sustainable cleaner needs to be able to break down as quickly as possible; fast biodegradability. One cleaning type product that biodegrades rapidly are Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaners. These cleaners revert back into hydrogen and oxygen molecules in minutes.  Not years, months or days but in minutes. This is excellent for the environment. But there are other wood floor cleaners that biodegrade quickly that are not Hydrogen Peroxide based.
  2. Microfiber Mops: As discussed in prior articles, water is the worst thing for hardwood floors. To that end, another key to green cleaning hardwood floors is the employment of a quality Microfiber Flat Damp Mop System. The microfiber does the scrubbing without harming the wood floor and does the task with less water and cleaner. This reduces the chance of over wetting the hardwood floor and damaging it. These mop systems come in both disposable and reusable mops and cloths and can be purchased off the shelf and from the internet. Professional Janitorial Supply distributors also carry microfiber mops. Most of the quality microfiber reusable mops can be laundered up to 500 times providing a huge long term savings to the customer.


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All the sustainable residential wood floor cleaners below are cost effective and simple to use. These product ideas tie both the wood floor cleaner and the microfiber mop into on system. There are other fine wood floor cleaners and mops systems on the market. These are product systems that have been tested and tried.

Proctor & Gamble – Swiffer Wet Jet

Bona – Wood Floor Cleaners

Church & Dwight – Orange Glo Hardwood

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