As discussed in prior articles on cleaning wood floors, it is critical that loose soils are removed from the wood floor. It is critical because loose soils like sand, grit, dust, dried soil are abrasive and cause scratches and small gouges into the wood floor’s protective seal coat and these loose soils can also penetrate deeper into the wood flooring scratching the wood itself. These scratches not only detract from the beauty of the wood floor but also make it hard to clean wood floors and make ti difficult to repair the damage.  

Dry cleaning is also the first step prior to routine wet cleaning. There are many ways to dry clean a wood floor but the purpose of this article is to address removing loose soils from the wood floor using a vacuum. There are several different types of dry vacuums all with their own advantages but we have discovered through years of using different types of vacuums that a standard upright vacuum work extremely well on wood floors.

What we like about an upright as the choice for residential homeowners is the following:

  • Usually it requires no additional investment for the homeowner since an upright vacuum is the most common type of vacuum in most homes. Odds are you already have an upright vacuum in your house.
  • They have enough power to pick up all the loose soil on the wood floor. It even picks up certain small particles that some dust mops miss. Upright vacuums outperform dust mops because of as long as cover the area of the floor; it is difficult to misuse the vacuum. Whereas with a  dust mop, using a dust mop the wrong way can leave a certain amount of loose soil on the wood floor.
  • They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and will provide years of cleaning.

If you’re not interested in this article to dry clean wood floors with a vacuum and interested in wet cleaning wood floors, please click on the following links to prior articles written about daily cleaning of wood floors and the do’s and don’ts of maintaining and cleaning hardwood floors(Cleaning Hardwood Floors Do’s and Don’ts and How to Clean Hardwood Floors – Simple Regular Cleaning).


Clean Wood Floor – Things to Consider when buying Upright Vacuums


All upright vacuums are not the same and there are differences that can increase your satisfaction with the overall use of the vacuum to clean wood floors and improve cleaning ability while reducing time to complete the cleaning task.

  • We recommend buying an Upright vacuum that has a beater brush bar. This will increase the effectiveness of the vacuum for cleaning up fine particles from the floor.
  • We recommend buying a bag-less vacuum, meaning one that does not require a bag to be replaced when the bag is full. Cup style systems work just as well and are less expensive to use because you will not need to buy bags for the vacuum.
  • The higher the price does not mean getting a better vacuum. The Eureka Lightspeed model #4700D is a perfect example of this. This unit for around $70.00 is the best buy on the market. It does an excellent vacuuming job on wood floors and performs just as well on carpeting. It uses a cup disposal system; so there is no need for a bag and when you see how much soil this inexpensive vacuum picks up from your floor, you will be shocked. So shop around and make sure your getting the right vacuum for your home and cleaning needs.


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