What does a homeowner do for a newly installed raw unsealed wood floor? How to clean a wood floor that is unsealed is a critical issue and the purpose of this article is to discuss several options that the homeowner has when it comes to protecting a wood floor and preparing for the question of how to clean wood floors.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to unsealed wood floors is to protect them with a seal or wax before cleaning them. A polyurethane floor finish/sealer is the most popular way to protect and seal the wood floor. There are other sealing and protecting floor coating systems available and some are fairly old. Paste wax for instance has been around for over 100 years. It can still be used today but has some limitations. Paste wax can provide an incredible deep luster that makes the wood look deep and warm. It requires some extra work to apply it but the results are great. There is a common concern that paste wax can leave a wood floor slippery but if applied correctly and cleaned regularly slippery floors should not be an issue when using a paste wax to protect and beautify the wood floor.

Most wood flooring experts will advise that once you use a solvent, oil or wax based sealer such as paste wax on a raw unsealed wood floor, no other method of protection should be used. This is because of compatibility issues with using other types of floor finishes on the top of these other types of protective products.

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How to Clean Wood Floor – Things to Remember


  • Do not ever clean an unsealed wood Floor with Water
  • Be sure to seal the wood floor to protect and beautify the wood floor
  • Select a good protective coating system – Solvent, Oil or Paste Wax systems are good but have limitations; Polyurethane Floor finishes/sealers are less labor intensive and produce great results. Polyurethane finishes also give tremendous protection to the wood floor.


How to Clean Wood Floor – Reference Websites


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