The question that is most asked by residential homeowners is how to clean a wood floor. There seems to be a common myth or thought that how to clean a wood floor is hard and difficult. This thought that cleaning wood floors is difficult is nothing farther than the truth.


There are many different methods of cleaning wood floors but the objective of this article is to give our viewers and visitors an easy step by step guideline on how to clean a wood floor.


The misconception that wood floors are difficult to clean stem from the fact that certain precautions do need to be taken when cleaning wood floors. The most important precaution is to reduce and use the least amount of water on the wood floor during the cleaning process.


Wood hates water and can severely damage it. However almost every wood floor in a home has a protective seal cost on the wood floor to prevent humidity or water from penetrating into the wood and causing damage. Most finishes used on wood floors today is either water or oil based polyurethane.


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How to Clean a Wood Floor – Easy Procedural Steps


  1. Dust mop floor with untreated dust mop to remove most of the surface dust. We recommend using a microfiber dust mop for this procedure. To remove gum and attached soils by using a blunt plastic scraper. Do not over scrape or apply to much pressure. Excessive pressure will damage the protective finish coating of the floor.
  2. Shake out entrance matting outside or use a dry vacuum to vacuum entrance matting. A vacuum with a beater brush is the preferred equipment.
  3. Damp mop the wood floor with a microfiber floor cleaning system like Pledge, Swiffer or Bona. These systems clean well and use the lets amount of water to clean the floor.
  4. Allow to dry thoroughly before allowing foot traffic on the floor. With a wood floor the floor should be dry within 1 to 2 minutes.
  5. To remove black marks rub them out with light duty white pad or tennis ball. 


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