The goal of this discussion of how to clean vinyl floor is to provide our commercial readers and visitors with an update on a type of floor pad that has been recently launched to the commercial marketplace. Now, we realize that this type of floor pad has been around for a year or so, but with that said; most of the commercial industry is still unaware of it.


The type of floor pad we are referring to is a microfiber floor pad. Now, for our regular visitors’ and loyal readers, you have read about microfiber technology on our website. In fact we do not know the exact amount of articles we have published on but we would estimate that at least 35% of the articles we have publish has recommended using some type of microfiber cleaning tool.


We have discussed using cleaning tools and machines that employ the use of microfiber pads and cloths. We make this recommendations because a quality microfiber pad or cloth provides better cleaning with a reduced amount of water and cleaning chemical. This makes it safer for the environment. But also improves cleaning efficiency.


The basic principles of cleaning include Time, Agitation, Chemical and Temperature. Pads are used on a machine in commercial building to clean floors to provide the agitation part of the 4 principles of cleaning.


As stated earlier, this discussion is advising our readers of microfiber floor pads and how well they perform for the commercial end-user. Cleaning steps and procedures of how to clean vinyl floor for commercial accounts was published in a prior article, click on the following link to review commercial tile floor cleaning steps (Cleaning Tile Floors – Floor Finish Coated Tile Procedures, Product and Tools).



How to Clean Vinyl Floor – Why use a Microfiber Floor Pad to Clean Vinyl Floors


Microfiber Floor Pads…


  • Are durable and can be washed and reused many times over. In fact some microfiber floor pads can be washed multiple times and are considered to outlast conventional random fiber floor pads three times longer.
  • Cleaning performance is dramatically increased. The small fibers actually increase cleaning effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Due to the durability of the microfiber pad, the cost is basically the same when compared to traditional random fiber floor pads.
  • Since the microfiber floor pad actually increases the cleaning effectiveness of the floor cleaning process, less cleaning chemical and water is needed to accomplish a commercial buildings vinyl floor cleaning goals. This makes microfiber floor pads a greener way on how to clean vinyl floor.



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