When it comes to clean vinyl floor, the key to keeping floors looking great is daily or routine cleaning. This seems to be obvious but so many times, daily or routine cleaning is often overlooked and due to short cuts or lack of time is often not performed on a regular basis. This in itself will result in poor and dirty appearing floors over time. So it is critical that when it comes to clean vinyl floor, that the wet cleaning task is performed on schedule or on a regular basis, this is true for both commercial sites and residential homes.  


Today our goal is provide our visitors with helpful and useful tips on how damp mopping floors. Damp mopping is a common technique used almost 100% in residential homes. Homes do not have a budget or storage space for floor cleaning equipment that a commercial end-user would have available to them. So this article is written to assist the homeowner with useful tips when it comes to clean vinyl floor.


These tips will help the homeowner with improving the results of cleaning as well as make the cleaning task easier, simpler and improve the appearance of the floor.


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Clean Vinyl Floor – Helpful & Useful Tips


  • Understand that foam generated from some floor cleaners is not what does the cleaning but it is the chemical itself that provides the cleaning to the floor.
  • Use a quality cleaner that will provide sufficient cleaning agents, one that will suspend the soil allowing it to be removed from the floor. Otherwise the soil will remain on the floor. Cheaper cleaners without an adequate amount of surfactants will not suspend the soil.
  • Be sure to always use the same cleaner for clean vinyl floor. If you have success using a cleaner, be sure to always use the same product. This will deliver consistent results.
  • Follow the label directions on the cleaner. It is important for performance that the cleaner is diluted and used correctly.
  • When damp mopping be sure to use enough cleaning solution but not so much applied to the floor that it stay wet for a prolonged period of time because it may cause an adverse effect on the floor wax on the floor.


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