Understanding how to clean travertine floors relative to deep cleaning is critical for any facility that has travertine floors installed in their facility. So, the goal of this article is to provide our commercial visitors with the steps and tools it takes to correctly deep clean unsealed travertine floors. The key word for this article is “unsealed” travertine floors. In the event your travertine floors are sealed with a floor finish or water based sealer, the procedures for deep cleaning would be basically the same as how to clean any floor such as Vinyl Composition Tile floors that are coated or sealed with a floor finish.



Many times, travertine floors also have grout lines and this article will also address how to clean recessed grout lines. How to clean travertine floor when it comes to deep cleaning is not a difficult task as long as you adhere to the following steps and tools to complete the task.



Travertine floors are beautiful and not only can be found a floor surface but can also be used as walls, and furniture. For the purposes of this article we will be addressing how to clean travertine floors and not the other uses areas such as walls and furniture.



Travertine is a quarried product that is mined from the earth and is a stone. It has a similar composition to marble and many times travertine is referred to as poor man’s marble. Travertine when cut to slabs and processed into floor tiles has natural holes that are naturally dark, almost black in color. These holes were formed from soft mineral deposits of the stone being washed or eroded away over thousands and millions of years from water.



It is best not to try to clean out the tiny holes because it would be an impossible task and the darken holes gives the travertine a special appearance and is part of the overall character and beauty of the floor surface.



As with any floor cleaning, daily maintenance is important to keeping the travertine floors looking good but eventually like all floors, it will require a deep cleaning to remove all the deep imbedded soils from the floor. This is especially true with unsealed travertine floors.





How to Clean Travertine Floors – Deep Cleaning Process & Materials



How to Clean Travertine Floors – Products, Tools, Equipment and Supplies



  • Perform heavy cleaning using the following tools and cleaners.
  • Swing machine
  • Flo-Pac scrub grit brush (make sure the proper clutch for your swing machine is included on the scrub grit brush)
  • Wet dry vacuum
  • Flo-Pac scrub grit doodle bug with handle
  • Diversey Suma Break-Up Degreaser
  • Neutralizing solution
  • 3 wet mops
  • 3 mop buckets



How to Clean Travertine Floors – Heavy Deep Cleaning Procedures



  1. In one mop bucket mix a 4 to 1 dilution of Suma Break-Up Degreaser, 4 gallons of water to 1 gallon of Suma Break-Up Degreaser (mop bucket #1).
  2. Flood mop floor with Suma Break-Up Degreaser (clean approximately 50 square foot section at a time).
  3. Work Suma Break-Up Degreaser onto floor and grout using swing machine and Flo-Pac scrub grit brushes, making 3-4 passes in each area is in most cases sufficient.
  4. Using wet dry vacuum pick up Suma Break-Up Degreaser solution.
  5. Flood rinse floor with cool clean water (bucket and mop #2).
  6. Using wet dry vacuum pick up rinse water.
  7. Flood rinse floor with neutralizing solution (bucket and mop #3).
  8. Using wet dry vacuum pick up neutralizing solution.
  9. Flood rinse floor with neutralizing solution (bucket and mop #3).
  10. Using wet dry vacuum pick up neutralizing solution.
  11. Damp mop the floor with neutralizing solution (bucket and mop #3).



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