For commercial end users, there has been a common question about justifying the cost of using power cleaning equipment such as an automatic scrubber versus wet or damp mopping to clean tile floors. If the size of floor is large enough, it is our recommendation to purchase an auto scrubber to clean tile floors.

This article’s goal is to point out the advantages and total benefits for commercial building to use power cleaning machines to clean tile floors. To do this we want to cover as we have stated in prior articles, the 4 basic principles to consider when trying to attain great results when you clean tile floors.

  1. Temperature
  2. Agitation
  3. Chemical
  4. Time

When faced with a decision on spending the capital outlay of purchasing cleaning equipment versus a mop, consider the fact that three of the above cleaning principles are achieved using an auto scrubber and perhaps all 4 if we use hot water in the solution tank of the automatic scrubber. Using 3 or all 4 cleaning principles to clean tile floors cannot be duplicated using a mop.

There are several ways to perform hard floor cleaning. The following are the most common methods for hard floor cleaning for commercial facilities.

  • Automatic Scrubber – Machine cleaning method that uses pads to clean the entire floor
  • Damp mopping – Manual cleaning method with a mop and bucket that cleans the entire floor
  • Spot Mopping – Manual cleaning method with a mop and bucket that cleans only the dirty spots of the floor

If the reader is interested in hard floor cleaning for a residence, please click on the following link and it will take you to another article covering residential floor tile cleaning (Tile Floor Cleaning – Floor Finish Coated Tile Procedures, Product and Tools).


Clean Tile Floor – Automatic Scrubbers Advantages & Benefits


  • Saves Money – Reduces labor over other manual mopping cleaning methods
  • Improved Appearance: Provides better results over other mopping cleaning methods
  • Reduces Overall Cost: The better cleaning of an automatic scrubber reduces overall cost of the floor care program through extending the cycles between stripping and deep scrubbing over other mopping cleaning methods providing a good return on investment (ROI) for the commercial end-user.
  • Improved Cleaning Effectiveness: Achieves at least 3 of the 4 principles of cleaning


Clean Tile Floor – Performance of Auto Scrubber versus Mopping


Using an automatic scrubber to clean tile floors allows a commercial end-user to achieve the best possible results. Mopping as stated earlier just cannot duplicate the cleaning effectiveness that an auto scrubber can provide to clean tile floors. Furthermore, the auto scrubber will increase in labor productivity to a point that it will pay for the cost of machine quickly making it a great investment to the maintenance program.


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