What a great topic to cover. In this article, we will cover the importance of scheduling labor to clean tile floors but this article will also cover the entire cleaning process of the facility; making this topic a realistic example of labor scheduling. This is a real life actual example, a commercial building that can be applied to most commercial buildings including office buildings, retail stores, health care facilities and education institutions.

Why is this topic important? It is important because most commercial facilities are on tight budgets and are trying to get the most accomplished with limited funding.  However, with this being stated, it is also important because correct use and scheduling of cleaning labor will provide optimal productivity, eliminate waste, and provide improved positive results in the appearance of the commercial facility.

Commercial daily or routine cleaning of tile floors has been discussed in a prior article, click on the following link to review commercial tile daily or routine floor cleaning (Cleaning Tile Floors – Floor Finish Coated Tile Procedures, Product and Tools).

Scheduling cleaning labor is relatively easy but to be successful requires a full and realistic understanding of the amount of time it takes to perform each individual cleaning task. Once labor hours are determined based on a particular cleaning program and its individual tasks, it is a matter of fitting the labor by cleaning task in a pattern that maximizes productivity.

There are also some other considerations such as determining which cleaning tasks require more skilled or experienced labor and which ones can utilize lesser skilled labor to complete the cleaning tasks. Knowing this will insure positive results and allow the facility manager to assign a lead person or working supervisor.


How to Clean Tile Floor – Scheduling Cleaning Labor


Commercial Building Data and Background Information:

  • Total Cleanable Square Footage: 82,000
  • Tile Square Footage: 27,500
  • Carpet Square Footage: 40,000
  • Number of Restrooms: 6
  • Elevators: 1
  • Escalators: 2
  • This is an early morning cleaning maintenance program: 6AM to 10AM
  • Type of Commercial Building: Retail Store
  • Number of Floors: 2
  • Based on the amount of daily hours it takes for cleaning this facility, it requires 6 people to complete all the daily cleaning tasks in a 4 hour work shift.
  • Example is for Daily Cleaning Only and not Periodic Deep Cleaning Procedures.
  • Labor Standards by Cleaning Procedure can be determined by a time study or by utilizing trade organization labor Standards. See Website Information below.


How to Clean Tile Floor – Work Flow Chart by Person










How to Clean Tile Floor – Weekly Schedule by Area












How to Clean Tile Floor – Reference Websites


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