This article’s purpose is to address and outline the proper way to maintain clean room flooring through the daily cleaning process. This is important knowledge for clean room cleaning and each step should be followed correctly or issues and problems can ensue. This is because clean room flooring requires special maintenance and cleaning. This includes the floor finishing (waxing) of the clean room floor which we will discuss in another article in the future. Clean room flooring is designed to be installed in highly sensitive high tech work areas such as computer rooms, pharmaceutical labs, biological centers, computer manufacturers, etc. These floors are susceptible to static electricity and special cleaners and tools are required to keep the clean room flooring clean and hygienic. It is also critical that these types of floors are kept to the highest and upmost cleanliness standards while keeping static electricity at safe low levels.

We will cover the procedures and suggest the use of the proper clean room flooring maintenance products including the website links to gain additional information on these special cleaning products.

The following are the step by step procedures with the products and tools necessary to get excellent results for clean room floor cleaning. However it is important to understand that the floor coating (Finish) used on Clean room flooring has an ingredient in it that absorbs humidity which is essential for controlling static electricity. The most common ingredient used to control humidity in these special floor finish coatings in clean rooms is called Avetran™.


Clean Room Flooring – Daily Cleaning Procedures – Commercial

  1. Prepare a bucket with cool water and a Special Floor Cleaner for Clean Room Flooring, diluted according to the label directions. These special clean room flooring cleaners have a certain amount of Avetran™. These special clean room flooring products has Avetran™ in them because over time, water, mopping, scrubbing, etc. removes the Avetran™ from the floor finish (wax). So these special clean room cleaners actually help with replenishing the Avetran™ to the clean room flooring which keeps static electricity under control by maintaining humidity levels in the room…
  2. Dust mop with a static free microfiber pad or sweep entire floor area of loose debris and remove adhered debris such as gum, candy, etc. with a putty knife.
  3. Wet Cleaning:Option #1: Using a special clean room flooring cleaning agent, damp mop the clean room floor area with the mop until the floor area is covered.Option #2: Use an automatic scrubber equipped with white color, the lightest aggressive pad and a special Clean Room Flooring Cleaning product to scrub the floor and pick up the solution in one pass.
  4. Allow floor to dry.


Clean Room Flooring – Daily Cleaning – Products, Equipment and Tools

  • Special Clean Room Flooring Cleaner
  • Plastic Blunt Putty knife or scraper
  • Dust mop (untreated), Broom or Microfiber Mop (preferred)
  • Dust Pan
  • Bucket and wringer (Microfiber Mop System is preferred)
  • Automatic Scrubber
  • Clean wet mop (pre-laundered cotton loop end)
  • Personal Protection Equipment (Refer to Product Label) such as rubber gloves, goggles, etc.


Clean Room Flooring – Reference Websites

Spartan Chemical N/C No Charge® Static Dissipative Floor Cleaner

Diversey Ground Out™ Static Dissipative Cleaner

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