The topic of clean room floor cleaning is one that should be taken seriously because a clean room is designed as a work space where any soil, lint, dust, loose debris and even airborne particulates can create serious issues in high-tech production environments.


So this articles goal is to provide our readers interested in the maintenance of a clean room floor with guidelines and tips on how to clean a clean room floor. We also provide useful reference websites for further and more detailed information on how to clean these highly critical floors along with websites that provide products and standards for clean rooms.


These guidelines will provide you with insight on what needs to be done, the tools, products and procedures to be used when cleaning a clean room floor. You should always check with your manufacturer of the clean room to be sure that their recommended cleaning procedures and steps are being followed. The following are simple tips and hints on how to clean a clean room floor.


Clean Room Floor – Guidelines & Tips


  1. It is recommended that a clean room floor should be cleaned at least three times per week.
  2. A clean room floor should start the cleaning process beginning from the HEPA filter area of the room and worked backward toward the entranceway of the clean room.
  3. Always use only approved products that are designed for to clean a clean room floor.
  4. Empty the trash cans prior to any cleaning of the clean room floor.
  5. To remove loose debris from the clean room floor, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.
  6. Be careful to make sure that any sensitive cables or electrical wires are covered properly prior to cleaning the floor.
  7. Most clean room procedures require using Di-Ionized water.
  8. The use of a two bucket cleaning method is also recommended. This is the best practice and it will insure that the floor is not re-contaminated with soil from the bucket.
  9. Again as with the dry cleaning of the floor when removing loose soils with a HEPA filter vacuum, when wet (damp) cleaning a clean room floor, always start at the HEPA Filter Area of the room and work your way out toward the entry way of the clean room.
  10. For additional information and actual steps please go to the following link: (


Clean Room Floor – Reference Websites

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