Marble flooring has become a popular flooring to use in residential homes and the trend is continuing to grow because of the beauty of marble and the warm, rich inviting look it brings to a home. Its renewed popularity has also driven a demand for many homeowners to decide what the best way to clean marble floors is. This question from homeowners is coming from the fact that marble is extremely porous and is susceptible to damage from harsh chemicals including vinegar.

We mention vinegar because it has been suggested by other sources that vinegar can be used to clean marble floors but vinegar is an acid. Overtime and repeated cleaning with vinegar, even the mild acidity of vinegar will damage the marble which will require repairs through a honing or grinding process. This process is expensive and there are no guarantees that even honing the marble will correct the damage.

So, the goal of this discussion is to provide our readers with concise list of the best methods to clean marble floors. The following will list the best cleaning practices, the machines, tools and products for each cleaning method and why they are the best methods to clean marble floors.

If you are interested in how to clean marble floors for commercial daily cleaning, please click on the link for a prior article written on this topic (Cleaning Marble Floors – Commercial–Steps for Daily Cleaning Unsealed Marble).


Clean Marble Floors – Best Methods to Clean Marble Floors


Clean Marble Floors – Dry Cleaning Procedures

  • Manual Cleaning: Dust mop the marble floor with a Microfiber Dust mop. Microfiber has small fibers that capture the loose soil and due to the softness of the microfiber it will not damage the marble.
  • Machine Cleaning: Dry Vacuum the Marble with an upright vacuum. This method is also effect and will remove the loose soil from the marble floor prior to the wet cleaning of the marble floor. 


Clean Marble Floors – Wet Cleaning Procedures

  • Manual Cleaning: Damp mop using a quality microfiber flat mop system while using a quality microfiber system will deliver high performance results. Use a Stone or Marble Floor Cleaner according to label directions. Remove black marks and scuffs with the “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Pad from Unichem or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  • Machine Cleaning: Use a Steam Floor Mop to clean marble floors. This method provides excellent cleaning results and does not require a cleaning chemical to clean, it uses a microfiber cleaning pad to assist in the cleaning process and because it only uses water, it is a Green way to clean your marble floors. Remove black marks and scuffs with the “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Pad from Unichem or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.


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