If you walk into the majority of high-rise office buildings, corporate offices, government locations, Museums, etc. you are mostly likely will be walking on a marble floor that is somewhere in the building. It has been a popular flooring substrate for commercial buildings for hundreds of years and even thousands of years. With some many marble floors used in commercial sites, the question of how to clean marble floors as it pertains to this articles talking points is to address another common question regarding how to clean a marble floor which is…Can a floor finish or sealer be applied on a marble floor.

The simple answer is YES and in fact using a top coating or penetrating product such as a floor finish (commonly referred to as a wax) or a Stone Sealer can deliver excellent results. But prior to making that decision it is important to ask what your desired appearance of the marble floor is. If the answer is to have a high wet looking gloss at a lower cost than maintaining the gloss using a crystallization process or if you are simply looking for a low gloss matte gloss used to protect the marble floor from damage. Then you might want to use a Sealer and/or Floor Finish on your marble floors.

The main goal of this discussion is to provide our readers with the answer to this question of can a floor finish be used on marble floors which we answered in the previous paragraph but this article will address why a floor coating can provide better and easier cleaning for marble floors. We also look into what kind of coating to use and suggest several websites on marble coating products.

If you are interested in how to clean marble floors for commercial daily cleaning, please click on the link for a prior article written on this topic (Cleaning Marble Floors – Commercial–Steps for Daily Cleaning Unsealed Marble).


How to Clean Marble Floor – How to Select a Marble Seal – Penetrating & Top Coating


The selection of the right floor finish or seal for marble floors is critical. There are many floor finishes on the market that will suggest that they can be used on marble floors but we recommend that commercial end users seek and use top coating floor finishes and seals that are approved and designed for Marble. This will reduce selecting the wrong product. The issue is that marble is porous by nature and also susceptible and sensitive to certain cleaning chemicals. The biggest issue with using a standard floor finish or seal not designed and formulated for marble floors is adhesion to the floor.

There are two basic types of sealers and floor finishes – Top Coating and Penetrating. Both have their own benefits and also share many common benefits.  In the next section we will be discussing of the most common benefits of each type of sealer and/or floor finish.

We also recommend using a water-based sealer or floor finish that meets all federal and local VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations. Water-based sealers are better for the environment, greener and provide easier application characteristics for the end-user.


How to Clean Marble Floor – Why use a Floor Finish on Marble Floors?


There are many reasons to use a top coating on marble floors. Below are the most common reasons to use a coating on marble.

  • Ease of Maintenance: A sealed floor is easier to clean and keep clean. The top coating seals the pores of the marble and prevents soil form deeply penetrating into them, making dust mopping and wet cleaning easier and provides better cleaning results.
  • Protection: Marble and Stone Sealers whether they are penetrating or a top coating provide protection to the marble from possible damage from foot traffic, the misuse of cleaning products and from soils tracked on to the marble floors such as salt residue in northern climates in the winter.
  • Beauty: If you desire a high gloss look, using a sealer and/or floor finish on a marble floor, allows it to be maintained through a high-speed burnishing process to achieve a high gloss appearance. If you desire a low gloss matte look to keep the natural look of marble but still want the protection and ease of maintenance of a sealer, a low gloss matter sealer and/or floor finish can be used to achieve this goal.



How to Clean Marble Floor – Website and Contact Information

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  1. can i still use a marble cleaner if the marble has a sealer on it. Does a marble cleaner even work if there is a sealer ?

    • steve jones says:

      Yes you should be able to but read the directions on the label. There are so many different products on the market and what you do not want to do is use a marble cleaner that is harsh and can adversely affect the seal. If you have a good seal on the marble, a simple neutral floor cleaner will do the job without the added expense of buying a specialty marble cleaner. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for visiting the website.

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