This is a great topic because few people know or understand that Linoleum floors are actually a wood floor. That is correct! The purpose of this article is to explain the step by step daily cleaning procedures for commercial buildings of how to clean linoleum floors, what the linoleum flooring is made from and the tools and supplies needed to clean linoleum floor.

As a general rule, Commercial tile floors should be cleaned daily. Whereas in a residence, it may be impractical to clean daily but tile floors should be cleaned at least weekly or more often depending on soil conditions of the floor. If the reader is interested in tile floor cleaning for a residence, please click on the following link and it will take you to another article covering residential floor tile cleaning (Tile Floor Cleaning – Floor Finish Coated Tile Procedures, Product and Tools).


How to Clean Linoleum Floors – What is a Linoleum Floor and What is it Made From

Linoleum floors are made from Wood Flour, linseed oil, fillers, binders (adhesives) and a protective coating. That is correct…a true Linoleum floor is made of wood flour. So it is important to remember how to clean linoleum floors is to basically handle and maintain true linoleum flooring as if you were maintaining a wood floor. Remember that wood hates water and so does Linoleum floors. Use the least amount of water and cleaning product as possible to clean the floor.

The protective coating from the factory is durable but with anything else, wear and tear from foot traffic can have an effect on the protective coating. This factory protective coating helps prevent damage from water, cleaning solution and wear from foot traffic. However, a top coating seal should be applied to newly installed linoleum floors but only after 5 to 7 days after it has been installed. Consult a maintenance products company that has specialized linoleum products prior to completing any top coating or cleaning of linoleum floors that have been recently installed.

Linoleum floors come in tiles or sheet roll stock. It is a beautiful looking floor and comes in many colors and designs. So it is no wonder that this flooring is backing a comeback in popularity with both the commercial and residential market.


How to Clean Linoleum Floors – Daily Floor Cleaning Procedures for Sealed Linoleum Floors


How to Clean Linoleum Floors – Procedures: Commercial

  1. Prepare an automatic scrubber equipped with RED cleaning pads with cool water and approved professional grade floor cleaner, diluted according to the label directions. A Neutral cleaner is preferred.
  2. Prepare one rinse bucket and wringer with clean, cool water and clean rinse mop.
  3. Dust mop or sweep entire floor area of loose debris and remove adhered debris such as gum, candy, etc. with a putty knife.
  4. Post “Wet Floor” signs and or barricade area with CAUTION tape.
  5. Scrub floor area with automatic scrubber.  Use a single pass; solution control valve half open, pads down, squeegee down and vacuum “on”. Do not over wet the floor and pick up the cleaner solution as soon as possible. Do not allow puddles to sit on the linoleum floor for any prolonged length of time.
  6. Using the prepared, water only rinse bucket, trail mop / rinse, all excess water puddles left by the automatic scrubber.  Pay particular attention to edges, borders, turning points and low spots in the floor where excess water tends to accumulate.
  7. Allow floor to dry thoroughly. Note: Wet Floor signs should remain until entire process is completed and floor is completely dry.

Additional Note: We recommend using products and a maintenance program designed for linoleum floors. Using a product maintenance program designed for linoleum will assist in achieving beautiful looking floors and reduce the risk of damaging the linoleum floor. This includes cleaners, sealers, finishes and strippers. To that end, Diversey, Inc. has developed a commercial chemical maintenance product line specifically for Linoleum floors. We have investigated this product maintenance system and it has performed extremely well. See a website link later in this article for additional information on this program.


How to Clean Linoleum Floors – Daily Linoleum Floor Cleaning Products, Equipment and Tools


How To Clean Linoleum Floors – Products, Tools & Equipment Required: Commercial

  • Client’s Program Approved Floor Cleaner (Neutral Based Cleaner Preferred)
  • Putty knife or scraper
  • Dust mop (untreated), Broom or Microfiber Mop (preferred)
  • Dust Pan
  • Automatic scrubber
  • Clean RED pads for automatic scrubber
  • Mop bucket and wringer
  • Clean wet mop (pre-laundered cotton or cotton blend preferred)
  • Wet Floor caution signs and or Caution tape
  • Personal Protection Equipment (Refer to Product Label and Product Material Safety Data Sheet)


How to Clean Linoleum Floors – Reference Websites


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