The information below is dedicated to explaining that cleaning laminate wood floors is easy. This article outlines simple cleaning procedures, how to correct damage, and what common cleaning agent recommendations for how to clean laminate wood floors to avoid and the reasons why.

Laminate floors have become hugely popular as a flooring because they are durable, easy to install and easy to maintain but this website promotes and recommends the best and easiest way to cleaning floors. With that being said, the simple cleaning steps below will allow accomplishing your cleaning tasks in less time and for less money.

Wood means wood and precaution should be taken when cleaning any type of wood flooring including laminate wood floors. Please review prior articles on cleaning wood floors (How to Clean Hardwood Floors – Simple Regular Cleaning and Cleaning Hardwood Floors Do’s and Don’ts).


How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors – Simple Cleaning Steps


How to Clean Laminate wood Floors – Residential


  • Dry Cleaning: Always the first step in any floor cleaning

    Use a microfiber dust mop to remove loose debris from the floor. Microfiber is the best practice that will capture and trap more loose soil from the floor than a standard dust mop or a broom. Microfiber dust mops are also quicker to use because they clean more efficiently. Allowing the homeowner to complete the task in less time. Also use a flexible blunt plastic scraper to gently remove any soils that maybe caked up and adhered to the laminate floor such as gum, candy, stickers, labels, etc.Frequency: This procedure should be performed as often as possible but at least once weekly in residential locations is recommended.


  • Wet Cleaning: Use a damp cleaning method to clean laminate wood floorsManually damp mopping with a microfiber flat mop system with a neutral rinse free cleaner using according to label directions. Again, a microfiber wet mop will outperform standard mops or sponge mops in cleaning effectiveness and is also a faster way to cleaning; saving time for the homeowner.  Other mopping tools can also be used but Microfiber is the best way to clean laminate wood floors. 

    Frequency: The frequency will depend on soil conditions but as often as possible and a minimum of once weekly in residential home is recommended.

    Microfiber wet mop uses the least amount of water/cleaner solution to produce superior results and this is good for a wood floor; even a laminate wood floor because wood hates water.


How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors – Common Cleaning Agent Recommendations to Avoid


The following are common myths of cleaning floors and they produce similar results that plain water will achieve. A cleaner manufactured by a reputable cleaning product company that is designed for wood floor cleaning will outperform any of the following cleaning methods. So, why waste time cleaning with a method that will not deliver great results and maybe be dangerous to use. Our recommendation is do it right the first time with the correct cleaning products and tools in the least amount of time necessary to cleaning.

  • Vinegar: To not use Vinegar to clean floors. Vinegar is an acid and acid base cleaning agents do not do a good job of cleaning to remove acid soils which are the most common type of soil on floors. An alkaline based or neutral cleaner is needed to produce better cleaning results of removing acid soils from the floor. This vinegar method of cleaning does not employ any surfactants that are in cleaning products. Surfactants are a critical raw material in producing superior cleaning results.
  • Ammonia: Do not use ammonia. This is basically a waste of cleaning time because ammonia and water without surfactants found in cleaners to penetrate the soil, suspend it (suspending soil is critical for the removal of the soil from the floor) will not clean the floor with best results. Additionally, ammonia can be dangerous to use. Especially if misused or handled the wrong way.
  • Bleach: This is a harsh chemical that should not be used. It is dangerous and again like ammonia and water as a cleaning agent, without a surfactant to suspend soil, bleach and water will not deliver the best cleaning results.


How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors – Laminate Wood Floor Damage Repairs


Almost every laminate floor manufacturer has repair kits to repair slightly damaged floors such a scratches, dents, scrapes, etc. The kits normally include color sticks for blending the scratches with matching the color of the floor and also have putty fillers for minor cracks and scrapes. Consult with your laminate floor manufacturer’s website or authorized dealer/installer for additional information on these repair kits.

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