This discussion is designed to provide our readers simple and inexpensive way to prevent premature wear on a laminate floor but it also will assist in keeping soil off the floor thus making it easier to clean laminate floors. With laminate floors becoming ever more popular as a choice in floor coverings, the consideration of how to prevent premature wear on these floors and thereby prevent early replacement is useful cost savings information.

If you have a laminate floor and asked the installer about how to clean laminate floors, the answer was most likely a simple one but the install and/or manufacturer of the laminate floor most likely explained how durable the laminate flooring is as compared to other types of flooring. The statement about durability is for the most part true but to think that laminate floors cannot wear out over time whether in a residential home or a commercial building is not true. They do wear out. Steel Stairs in factories wear out. So it stands to reason, if steel wears out so will laminate floors.

But, if you were more interested in daily cleaning procedures for laminate floors, please see a prior article written on routine cleaning for residential laminate floors. (How to Clean Laminate Floors – Cleaning Procedures).


Clean Laminate Floors – How to Prevent Premature Wear

  • Matting (Internal and External): These are a simple and easy way to stop premature wearing of your laminate floor and at the same time help clean your laminate floors. Floor matting is common and can be purchased in almost any store including many on-line stores. We recommend that matting is used at outside doorways as well as inside the entrance doorways. The matting traps loose soils into the matting fibers which will prevent loose grit, sand etc. from entering the home or building and stop it either outside and also inside before it has a chance to track and spread throughout the home or building.This loose soil acts like sand paper on a floor with foot traffic doing the damage and will wear a floor out faster than those floors that use floor or door mats.There are various grades and quality levels for matting. Not all mats are the same but for the residential homeowner, any quality matting is better than none. As stated above, matting can be very inexpensive so, for such a small investment, matting can deliver a huge savings over time.
  • Area Carpeting or Rugs:  Carpet runners or area rugs can also assist in preventing premature wear. These should be used in heavier traffic patterns on the floor. This simple suggestion will insure that traffic lanes are protected from foot traffic.


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