This article is designed to address cleaning residential laminate floors with a steam mop machine. For residential homes, time is precious and the less time required to clean floors; allows the homeowner to take care of other important daily demands, tasks, responsibilities and duties. Laminate flooring is relatively easy to maintain and clean but the use of two cleaning steps can accomplish the cleaning of laminate floors while reducing the risk of damaging the flooring.  

Steam mop systems provide great cleaning with little or no cleaning product used and does it quickly with the least amount of water. This not only assist in a greener sustainable cleaning method that uses less water but it also eliminates the risk of over wetting a laminate floor. Less water translates to less risk of possible damage to the floor.  


How to Clean Laminate Flooring – Two Steps


How to Clean Laminate Flooring – Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning


  1. Dry Cleaning: First Step in Floor Cleaning; The removal of loose debris is a mandatory step prior to completing any wet cleaning. Normally called “Dust mopping”, which is the removal of the majority of loose debris such as sand, grit, dust, etc.The best practice of dust mopping is employing the use of a Microfiber system which will produce the best results. Dust mop the entire floor area, sweep in a dust pan and discard in the trash. Frequency: At least weekly in residential locations or more often as soil conditions demand.
  2. Wet Cleaning: Using a Steam Mop to Clean Laminate Floors; There are many choices in floor steam mops including Oreck, Haan and Bissell. Follow the steam mop manufacturer’s use introductions but the following are basic steps to operating a steam mop but again always follow the directions of the particular model , make and manufacturer of the steam mop unit. Frequency: The frequency will depend on soil conditions but a minimum of weekly in residences.

    • Fill Steam Mop Water Reservoir with water
    • Attach appropriate mop head onto steam unit head
    • Plug Electrical Cord in Outlet
    • Allow water to heat to proper temperature
    • Begin Cleaning until task is completed  


How to Clean Laminate Flooring – Websites Information

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How to Clean Laminate Flooring – Warranty

Always consult and review the Laminate flooring manufacturer’s warranty for cleaning procedures and recommendations. For the majority of the laminate flooring manufacturers, the recommended procedures in this article will not void any warranties. However, there could be the exception and for this reason, it is always recommended to check with the manufacturer of the laminate floor before any maintenance is performed.

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