Dry cleaning is a simple but perhaps the most important part of cleaning any floor but for the purposes of this article on how to clean a laminate floor, we will discuss an easy and effective way to dry clean your laminate floors. It is safe to the laminate floor and will prove to be a fast way of dry cleaning.  Since this article is directed to the residential homeowner, I am sure speeding up the floor cleaning process will be inviting and good news to our readers.


Dry cleaning is a term used to describe the removal of loose debris and soil from the floor. When deciding how to clean a laminate floor, dry cleaning is always the first step in the floor cleaning process and this holds true with laminate floors. It is always done prior to any wet cleaning. However, dry cleaning can be used as a clean step by itself in a home in between those times when you wet clean the laminate floors.


There are many methods to dry cleaning a floor but in this article we will be advising on what we feel is the fastest and most productive way when considering how to clean a laminate floor. The method to removing loose debris such as sand, grit and other loose soils like lint and pet hair is to use a vacuum cleaner.


Keeping loose soils off your laminate floor will make your laminate floor wear longer and look better over time. It actually prolongs the life off your laminate floor. So we suggest dry cleaning your laminate floors as often as possible.



Why Use a Vacuum


  • We recommend using a vacuum to dry clean your laminate floor because it is FAST and Easy. Anytime, one can spend less time maintaining their home, the more time there is to enjoy the things you love to do.
  • Most homes have a vacuum in their homes already so there is no need to purchase another piece of equipment or a tool to dry clean your laminate floors. So it is cost-effective to use.
  • Vacuuming the laminate floors are safe and an effective way to dry clean the floor because it works extremely well in removing loose soils from the floor. The results are very positive.
  • Always switch your dust mop heads or clean the dust mop immediately after using it. This will always improve the amount of dust collected during the task.
  • It is versatile because it will also be used for any carpeting you may have in your home.




Vacuum Types


Either of the following basic two types of dry vacuums will work well in removing loose soils when from a laminate floor.


  • Upright Vacuums with or without a brush
  • Tank Style vacuums


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