The information in this article provides some helpful hints to keeping hardwood floors clean, while at the same time providing a simple quick glance on how to clean hardwood floors. It is an easy reference to keeping up with the investment of a hardwood floor but for a more detailed cleaning procedural process; visit a prior article on procedure cleaning of hardwood floors (How to Clean Hardwood Floors – Simple Regular Cleaning).



Clean Hardwood Floors – Commercial & Residential


Daily or Routine Cleaning Maintenance

  1. Sweep or Dust Mop hardwood floors as often as possible but preferably once daily.
  2. Vacuum all entrance matting, carpet runners and area rugs often to remove the trapped loose debris like sand and grit. This will prevent the matting and carpet from getting overloaded. Once overloaded with loose soil, the soil will be tracked onto the hardwood flooring which will scratch and damage the seal and possibly the hardwood floor itself.
  3. Damp Mop hardwood floors with a minimum amount of cleaner solution. For commercial locations, the use of power equipment or the use of a microfiber flat mop system is the preferred method of daily cleaning. For residential homes, mopping tools and cleaners like Swiffer, Bona, Haan Steam Floor Mop, Bissell Steam Floor Mop, etc. produce good results.


Helpful Tips

  • Entrance Matting: Use entrance matting at all doorways. Doing so will trap loose soils like sand, grit, dust, etc and prevent the soils from getting on the hardwood floors. The best type of entrance matting to use is a scraper type such as the 3M Nomad Scraper Matting or a similar product. The scraper action created from the vinyl coated non-woven fibers does the best job of removing and trapping loose soils from shoe bottoms.
  • Furniture Protectors: The use of furniture protectors such as desk floor pads or furniture leg pads or coasters will prevent scratches, dents, marring and damage to the floor coating on wood floors.
  • Liquid Spills: Always pick up, remove and dry all liquid spills from all floors because of the hazard of a slip and fall accident but specifically regarding wood floors, liquid spills if left on the wood floor can and will cause damage to the floor, even if it is sealed.
  • Sealed Hardwood Floors: Clean hardwood floors that are sealed with a wood sealed. If the hardwood floor is not sealed, Do Not clean with any type of water or water based cleaning products.
  • Carpet Runners or Area Rugs: Whether in a commercial or residential situation, using carpet runners or area rugs in high traffic areas of a hardwood floor will help keep clean the hardwood floor clean and protect the wood floor from damage from the wear and tear of foot traffic including preventing high heel shoes from damaging the floor.
  • Hardwood Floor Manufacturer Recommendations: Always check with the wood floor manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning maintenance, sealing wood floors, restorative care such as repairing scratches and dents, water damage, warranties, etc. Doing so, will assist in not only clean hardwood floors but also prolong the life of the wood floor and eliminate potential problems.


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