This is an interesting topic because most of the articles written on the topic of clean hardwood floors have been on how to maintain, clean, etc. of wood floors. However, this article is designed to provide our readers with information and how to repair minor damage to hardwood floors. Some damage occurs during when a person cleans hardwood floors.  This discussion will also include what to do to prevent common damage and repair product websites for additional information on these products.The question of How to clean wood floors is the most frequently asked question about cleaning and more specifically the cleaning of floors.  We have covered in prior articles the Cleaning Hardwood Floors Do’s and Don’ts and How to Clean Hardwood Floors – Simple Regular Cleaning. These articles cover the do’s and don’ts and step by step procedures on how to clean wood floors. Please click on the link to these articles if they provide you with the specific information you are interested in reading.The following article covers both Commercial and Residential on the topic of clean hardwood floor; minor repairs to a wood floor.   


Clean Hardwood Floor – How to Repair Minor Scratches, Nicks and Chips

This is so simple, you will not believe it. It is inexpensive and in fact downright cheap for the homeowner or commercial building manager.      

Use the Following Repair Methods:     

  1. Touch-Up Repair Markers: Guardsman (See Website Below) is one of the leaders in this area and they are incredibly reasonable with their price.
  2. Stain from Installation: Simply with a soft cloth apply a small amount of stain to the scratches on the hardwood floor. Rub it dry. Can be applied multiple times to achieve the way color match. This stain should have been saved from the installation of the hardwood floor. Ask the installer for a can of the stain used when the floor is installed.
  3. Colored Wood Putty: Again this product is cheap and very inexpensive to se and like Guardsman scratch repair products can be purchase form any home center or hardware store. This product is used to fill in small cracks, chips and nicks. The Color Putty Company has been around since 1963 and has both oil and water based colored putties. They can be purchased on-line from Hardware Hut. See websites below for additional information or to purchase. 


Clean Hardwood Floor – Protect Wood Floor from Scratches and Water

The most Common Damage is from scratches and water damage. Water damage can be difficult to repair. There are some simple things to do you to protect the wood floor from water and reduce scratches on the floor.     

Keep the Floor Protected with a Seal and/or Finish Coating 

  • If the wood flooring is not sealed at the factory, seal the floor with an appropriate seal for that particular wood flooring.
  • Seals wear out from foot traffic; wear traffic patterns are easily identifiable. When the seal is worn, re-seal the wood floor to protect it.
  • Dust mop often, the more dust mopping is done, the more sand and grit is removed from the wood floor. Removing as much sand and grit as often as possible will help keep the protective seal coating from being worn out premature.  Keeping the seal on the wood floor will assist in preventing the water from seeping into the wood. 

Clean with Less Water 

  • When it comes to cleaning wood floors, use the minimal amount of water and cleaner to accomplish the cleaning task.
  • The employment of a cleaner and microfiber type mop system will allow the least amount of cleaning solution on the wood floor to complete the cleaning task because the microfiber actually does the cleaning with relying less on the cleaning agent to clean.
  • The cleaning process should be accomplished with a damp mopping process and never a wet mop process. Damp mopping is just as it sounds a damp mop with most of the cleaning solution squeezed out of the mop. Wet mopping or heavy cleaning solution will increase the odds of damage.

Dry the Wood Floor Quickly

  • The use of fans whether ceiling, floor or window fans is a great way to dry the cleaned floor quickly.

Protect Hardwood Floors from Scratches

  • Use floor matting at entry ways, area rugs around furniture and sofas and runners in areas such as heavy traffic hallways. This will reduce scratches on the wood floor. 



Clean Hardwood Floor – Helpful Hint for Major Repairing Major Damage

To ensure proper repairs of major wood floor damage, it is recommended a profession is used. A professional contractor has the experience needed to complete and insure quality repairs of major damage to hardwood floors.      


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