To clean floor wood, an upcoming popular method is a microfiber flat mop cleaning system there are several different types of microfiber flat mop systems. They are relatively inexpensive and do and incredible job when you clean floor wood. It is important to purchase quality microfiber mops. Not all microfiber material is the same and the cheaper imports and lower cost microfiber mops do not clean as well as a quality microfiber mop made from quality material. Some of the most common flat mop systems are as follows…

  • Steam Floor Mop – Haan Steam Mops
  • Disposable Flat Microfiber Mop – Swiffer Mops
  • Reusable Flat Microfiber Mop – Bona Mops

The goal of this article is to advise our readers that clean floor wood to consider using a microfiber flat mop system. This method of cleaning actually traps more soils and holds them in place than other mopping systems such as a traditional cotton yarn wet mop. We will also discuss how the microfiber actually work resulting in their superior cleaning ability.  If you were more interested in step by step procedures of clean floor wood, please click the link to a previous written and published article on cleaning procedures (How to Clean Hardwood Floors – Simple Regular Cleaning).


Clean Floor Wood – Why They Work


The splitting of extremely small fibers is what creates a microfiber. The microfiber mops and cloths work well because the tiny holes caused from the split fibers. This creates a wicking action with a dramatic increase in absorption of soil and water. Additionally the small fibers cover a greater area of the surface being cleaned. The combination of all this provides for overall better performance in cleaning effectiveness with less labor to complete the cleaning task. They trap and hold the soil better than other mopping materials and because of this it is considered the “Best Practice” to use to clean floor wood.


Clean Floor Wood – Other Benefits of Microfiber


  • Versatile: Can be used for wet cleaning or dry cleaning as a dust mop.
  • Inexpensive & Convenient: Microfiber mops are inexpensive and are not only convenient and easy to use but they are also readily available in all stores and the internet.
  • Green Cleaning: Since microfiber uses less water and cleaning solution to effectively clean floor wood, it is a greener way of cleaning.



Clean Floor Wood – Reference Websites

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