With so many residential and commercial buildings using non-resilient flooring like ceramic, marble, stone, etc. that require using grout as part of the flooring, the issue  of cleaning and the question of “How to Clean Floor Tile Grout” is becoming a common question by homeowners and building property managers. Grout is very porous and even if the grout is sealed, eventually the seal wears away leaving the grout as porous as it was prior to sealing it. With this said how to clean floor tile grout has been somewhat of a hassle. Deep cleaning it, so it looks like the grout did when it was first installed can be accomplished as described in prior articles. And cleaning the grout as part of your daily or routine cleaning procedures of the floor will keep it looking clean but over time the grout will become so soiled that deep cleaning is necessary to restore the look of the grout.

This article’s goal is to provide both the residential homeowner and the commercial facilities manager a way to keep grout lines cleaner through a daily cleaning process which will extend the deep cleaning cycle. So, how to clean floor tile grout will not be a difficult task but one that is easy and is accomplished through your daily or routine cleaning of the floor. There is no need for special equipment to clean floor tile grout other than the current equipment and tools that are being currently used to clean the floor that has grout lines.


How to Clean Floor Tile Grout – The Cleaning Product: A Hydrogen Peroxide Based Cleaner


Hydrogen peroxide based cleaners are becoming so popular because they provide tremendous cleaning ability, is safer for the environment and actually is a natural brightener. Many homeowners have used Oxi-Clean in recent years as well as other products similar to Oxi-Clean. There are Commercial grade Hydrogen peroxide cleaners on the market and they have literally flooded the commercial market place in the past three to four years.

That is not to say that all hydrogen peroxide cleaners are the same and perform the same. That would be a misstatement. Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners are referred to many times by their chemical makeup element symbol which is H2O2. There are differences in H2O2 cleaners. There is a line of H2O2 professional grade cleaners from Diversey, Inc. that have a patented formula on the type of Hydrogen Peroxide base they use in their H2O2 cleaners. They refer to it as an Accelerated H2O2 based. This line from Diversey does an exceptional job of cleaning grout. But there are also other commercial manufacturers that have developed excellent H2O2 cleaners such as Spartan Chemical and Betco Chemical.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaners are safe for the environment because they break back down into their two basic parts within minutes after they are used. Meaning they turn back into Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules quickly.

H2O2 Cleaners when used on a regular or daily basis on floors with grout liens will not only clean the grout better than other cleaners but they will also brighten the grout. H2O2 is a natural brightening agent and they perform the same on the grout lines of the floor. It is for this reason that you can extend the deep cleaning process because using H2O2 cleaners will keep the grout lines cleaner longer.


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