This is a discussion on clean the floor but more specifically the topic in this article addresses and product selection. Product selection for how to clean the floor for the purpose and goal of this discussion is about how to eliminate the duplicate floor cleaning products, systems and tools for the residential homeowners. For our residential homeowners, the question is how many floor cleaning mops, floor cleaning products, how many floor cleaning tools and how many floor cleaning machines do you have stored in your broom closet or pantry? Or stored in the garage? Or stored in various parts of your house?


Then ask yourself why I have all these different products, tools and supplies to clean floors? The answer is you do not need all different kinds of floor cleaning supplies. Ye sit is true that some floors require a special product to clean them but for the most part and if you are a frequent visitor to you have read articles on the best way to clean floors. There is not one way to clean floors but there are systems and products on how to clean the floor that can be selected for most our floors if not all of them. Most homes have a clutter and stock pile of cleaning supplies. It actually can become confusing and a waste of money.


In the next section of the article we will address the reasons why it makes sense to making a product selection that reduces the number of cleaning agents or products for how to clean the floor. Sometimes as a homeowner we can get caught up in the hype of a new cleaner or cleaning tool designed to clean floors. Before we know it we have two, three, four and more different cleaning systems to clean the floor. There are many good systems out on the market when it comes to cleaning the floor. If there was not, we would be limited to one choice to clean the floor. But that does not mean we need to rush into the store to by every possible floor cleaning product.


In fact, commercial end-users spend a great deal of time to eliminate duplication of floor cleaning products for their buildings. They know it does not make sense which as stated above we will discuss in the next section. So if product consolidation and duplication of floor cleaning products is important to commercial users, it makes sense for a homeowner to consider it important.



Clean the Floor – Select a Product System that Eliminates Duplication


Eliminating product duplications does the following for the homeowner and makes product reduction and duplication important for homeowners.


  • Saves Money
  • Eliminates Product Waste
  • Keeps the Home Organized without extra clutter
  • Easier to use products with less chance of misuse
  • Allows  for using a product that is the best way to clean the floor
  • Improves cleaning results
  • Delivers consistent results


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