Rubber floors are popular in commercial buildings but certain care and precautions need to be considered and used when how to clean floor. One of the more popular and quality rubber floors is manufactured by Nora. Nora has specific precautions. The goal of this article is address the stripping process for Nora Rubber Floors. How to clean Nora rubber floors, relative to stripping them is easy and simple as long as you follow the procedures we describe later in this article.

Rubber floors can come in a variety of sizes and also come in a smooth tile surface or what is commonly known as raised radial dial. Raised Radial Dial has raised circles that are uniform in diameter and spaced uniformly on the surface of the tile or sheet.


For the purposes of this article we will be addressing the stripping of smooth surface Nora Rubber Floors. Never us harsh abrasives on a rubber floor, so use less abrasive pads to strip the floor such as a read buff pad and a white pad for the doodlebug for edges.

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How to Clean Floor – Nora Rubber Floor – Floor Finish (Wax) Stripping


Cleaning Vinyl Floors – Nora Rubber Floor Stripping Procedures:


  1. Prepare and stage all necessary tools and equipment. Fill automatic scrubber with rinse water. Attach red buff pads to the automatic scrubber. Fill rinse buckets with clean rinse water. In a bucket, mix water and Stripper according to label directions.
  2. Dust mop entire floor area and remove gum, labels and foreign debris with plastic blunt scraper.
  3. Post “Wet Floor” signs and or barricade area with CAUTION tape.
  4. Generously apply the mixed Stripper solution to the floor area with a mop and bucket. Allow 5 to 7 minutes dwell time. Using a doodle bug with a white pad, scrub along the edges and borders and up against unmovable fixtures to remove previous coats of Floor Finish and/or sealer. Do not allow Stripper solution to dry out. Reapply Stripper solution as necessary.
  5. Using the automatic scrubber with red buff pads, make two passes over entire floor area, overlapping edges and borders that on been previously applied with stripper. On the first pass, the automatic scrubber solution valve should be in the off position. Pads should be down but squeegee should be up and vacuum off.
  6. On the second pass, engage squeegee and vacuum. Pads should remain in the down position and solution valve should be moved to the full open position for rinsing.
  7. Rinse the floor by damp mopping entire floor area including edges and borders using clean, rinse water.
  8. Allow floor to thoroughly dry.  Note: Wet floor signs should remain until entire process is completed.
  9. Inspect entire floor area to ensure complete removal of the previous Floor Finish and/or sealer. If not fully removed, repeat stripping procedures.
  10. Apply medium coats of Floor Finish (wax). Coverage rate should be applied at an average of 2000 Square Feet per gallon. Allow sufficient dry time between coats. As a general rule, allow “dry to the Touch”, plus 10 additional minutes between coats. For a high gloss, apply two coats of sealer followed by 3 coats of floor finish on top of the floor sealer. For a low gloss or matte look, apply 3 coats of a low gloss floor finish.
  11. Remove WET FLOOR signs and CAUTION tape.



Cleaning Vinyl Floors – Nora Rubber Floor Stripping Tool, Products & Equipment:


  • Plastic Blunt Scraper
  • Untreated Dust Mop
  • Automatic Scrubber
  • Red Buff Pads For Automatic Scrubber
  • Doodle Bug Holder, Handle And Pads (White Pad)
  • Multiple Mop Buckets And Wringers Prepared With Clean Water For Rinsing
  • Multiple Mop Buckets For Stripping Solution
  • Cotton Mop for Stripper Application
  • Pre-cleaned Cotton Rinse Mop
  • Wet Floor Caution Signs And Or Caution Tape
  • Personal Protective And Safety Equipment
  • Multiple Mop Buckets And Wringers For Floor Finish (Wax) Application
  • Synthetic Floor Finish Mop
  • Floor Finish – For a Low Gloss: Floor Finish – Designed for low gloss such as Diversey Carefree Matter Floor Finish
  • Floor Finish – For High Gloss: Quality Removable Floor seal such as Diversey Over and Under Plus Sealer; Floor Finish (Wax) – Designed for Rubber Floors such as Diversey Vectra or Showplace
  • Floor Finish (Wax) Stripper – Approved and made for Rubber Floors such as Diversey LinoSafe Stripper


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