Almost every home in America and for that matter throughout the world has grout in them. It can be found on the floors which secures various quarried and fired tiles in place. It is beautiful and adds to the overall beauty of the floor. It is also common to have grout on the walls such as back splashes in a kitchen work area or in bathrooms in the tub and showers.


To clean floor grout, it takes some simples steps which we have covered in prior articles. There are many ways to routine clean floor grout and also many to deep clean floor grout. However, this articles discussion and goal is to provide our residential readers with an idea on how to keep floor grout cleaner for a prolonged period of time prior to deep cleaning.


Grout is common in most residential homes and is used to bind and lock floor tiles together such as ceramic, slate, granite, clay, porcelain, etc. This article’s goal is to outline the process for how to clean floor grout on a routine basis.


Grout is extremely porous and soil has a tendency to deeply penetrate into the pores of the grout easily. Because of this grout is often difficult to clean if routine or daily cleaning is not completed on a regular basis. Even, if you clean daily and perform the task perfectly, so amount of soil will penetrate into the grout lines and into the grout pores. Overtime, this will cause the grout to discolor and become dirty to a point that heavy-duty deep cleaning is required to remove the soil from the grout.


The key to the process of how to clean floor grout on a regular basis is using a utility scrub brush, toothbrush, the “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Utility Pad, the “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Hand Sponge Pad or the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad which is similar to the “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Pad to manually scrub the grout clean. Below are the cleaning procedures and equipment to effectively clean floor tile and grout.


If you were more interested in information on how to clean floor grout and the actual cleaning steps, please click on the following link (How to Clean Floor Grout – Daily or Routine Grout Cleaning – Residential)


Clean Floor Grout – Grout Sealers Recommendations – Residential


  • We recommend using water based grout sealer. These products can be purchased at any Ceramic and tile retail store, DYI stores such as Lowes, Home Depot and Menards and most local hardware stores carry these types of grout sealers.
  • Water based sealers are easy to apply and easy to clean up after sealing. They come in a variety of colors and they last for years.
  • We recommend that you deep clean the grout first but if you use a colored sealer, the deep cleaning does not have to be as perfect if using a clear grout sealer.
  • The best recommendation we can make is to apply a sealer to the grout when it is brand new. This will keep your grout clean and prevent soils from deeply penetrating into the grout which will make your routine or daily cleaning task easier.
  • After the grout has been sealed, using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad or the “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Pad from Unichem Marketing when you clean floor grout on a regular basis will even make it easier and clean faster for the homeowner.


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