So many times in a commercial environment, sweeping is often overlooked as an important step of keeping concrete floors looking good. There are many ways to remove loose debris as well as many different types of loose debris found in a commercial building. Different types of commercial businesses will have different types of loose soil. In some settings it can be metal shavings and in others it can be simple concrete dust. Concrete dust occurs naturally as the concrete ages. 


However, when it comes to how to clean concrete floors, removing the loose soil is a critical step in keeping the concrete floors clean and perhaps is arguably the most important procedure in the cleaning process of concrete floors.


In a commercial setting and environment, indoor air quality is important for employees that work at the facility. So it would stand to reason from a work safety standpoint that keeping loose debris off the floor will greatly reduce the opportunity of loose debris such as dust, concrete dust, shavings, etc. from becoming airborne from the employees performing their job functions. Imagine the amount of air-borne particulates that forklifts, carts, cranes, foot traffic, etc. create.


So the goal of this article of how to clean concrete floors is to provide our commercial readers and visitors a list of tools that will assist on keeping dust down to acceptable levels by the removal of the loose debris from the floor. It should also be noted that it is recommended that the removing of loose debris from t he concrete floors should be completed as often as possible or as your budget will allow but a minimum of at least one per work shift is highly recommended to keep airborne particulates down to levels that protect employees.


In the event you were more interested in how to clean concrete floors actual cleaning steps for daily cleaning including wet scrubbing concrete or cement floors, please visit a prior article written and published by clicking on the following link, (Industrial Floor Cleaning – Daily Cleaning – Industrial & Commercial).


How to Clean Concrete Floors – Tools to Remove Loose Debris


Sweeping Compounds: Are used as a way to keep dust down while sweeping with a broom. There are two basic types of sweeping compound.

  1. Wax Based – Designed for tile floors such as VCT, rubber, asphalt, etc.
  2. Oil based – Designed for wood, concrete, stone floors, etc.


Power Sweeper: these are sweepers that are powered by a battery and mechanically sweeps the floor. These types of machines work fast and are extremely effective for removing loose soils. This is definitely the preferred method for removing loose debris from concrete floors. There are basically two types of power sweepers.


  1. Ride On – Large machine that you ride on to operate the machine while it sweeps and vacuums.
  2. Walk Behind – Normally Smaller machines that is operated by walking behind the machine as it sweeps and vacuums.


Brooms: Fairly self-explanatory. Brooms are normally used in smaller confined areas or smaller facilities.



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