The goal of this article is to advise our readers of the importance of how to clean ceramic tile floor of stains in a residential home. Ceramic is so common today in homes and the biggest issue many times when striving for clean-looking ceramic floors is removing stains from the ceramic floor. Urinal is one of the most common stains found in bathrooms but other areas like kitchens are faced up with oily or greasy stains. These stains if not taken care of on a regular basis will magically appear one day to have overrun your ceramic floor making it appear unclean and unsightly.


Stains as described in the above paragraph differ from room to room in a home and they also are different types of stains from different types of soils. Some soils are oily and some are water based. The water based is the easier of the two to clean. But when it comes to how to clean ceramic tile floor, it is always best to keep it as simple as possible. This includes the removal of stains.


The removal of stains on ceramic tile floors will also assist in speeding up the cleaning process when the need finally arises to deep clean the ceramic floor tile and grout.


Our recommendations are to follow below with some helpful tips on how to clean ceramic tile floor from unsightly stains and spots. If you were more interested in the actual cleaning steps for daily or routine cleaning on how to clean ceramic tile floor, please click on the following link for that information (Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning – Daily Cleaning Residential & New Product Innovation).



How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floor – Stain Removal Helpful Hints


  1. Dust mop or sweep the ceramic floors in your home daily. This will help identify stains that may go unnoticed until regular or routine cleaning of the floors which is mostly once per week.
  2. Clean the stains and spots discovered immediately. This will help prevent the stains for settling into the pores deeply and make it easier to remove or clean the stains. This is especially true for greasy and oily stains and also true for urine stains in the bathrooms.
  3. Allow the cleaning solution o dwell for a few minutes which will give the cleaner a chance to work into the stain and into the pores of the ceramic and grout making the stains easier to clean.
  4. Use a Magic Eraser type cleaning pad to remove stains. These pads from MR. Clean and the “That’s Amazing Pad form Unichem Marketing easy and they are extremely effective on all stains and types of soils.
  5. The use of area rugs in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen floor will also assist in keeping your ceramic floors stain free. Area rugs are easier to clean and will prevent stains from deeply penetrating into the pores of the ceramic floor and grout.



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