This article will be outlining the daily cleaning steps for ceramic tile floor cleaning in a residential home. If deep cleaning of ceramic tile and grout is the topic you are interested in, please visit a prior article written on deep cleaning ceramic and grout floors – (Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors – Deep Cleaning and New Product Innovation). The amazing thing about daily or routine cleaning of ceramic floors is, it is simple and cleaned the same way for daily or routine cleaning other types of floors such as vinyl tile, no wax, marble, granite, slate, rubber, etc.

So, there is nothing complicated about the routine cleaning of ceramic tile floors and the following of the simple cleaning steps in this article will produce the great results.

But before beginning with the cleaning procedures, a new exciting new product has it the market we would like to share with you. It has been tested and performs extremely well for both daily and deep cleaning of ceramic and grout floors. It also cleans all unsealed stone or quarried floors as well as their grout lines. It does fast and easy and if used to clean on a routine basis, there would be no more need for deep cleaning ceramic floors in a home. It would eliminate any soil build up that would require a deep cleaning procedure. See below for information on this product.


Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning – Product Innovation


It is not the purpose of this website to promote any particular product but sometimes a discovery of new product, procedure or system is so good, it has to be explained to make everyone aware of it because it revolutionizes the process and the cleaning results. The following product does just that for cleaning ceramic floors and grout lines and thereby needs to be discussed.

  1. The Product: A laminated fiber and open cell foam pad that when used with any quality cleaning agent, effectively cleans so deep into the pores of the ceramic and the grout lines, the floor and grout is rejuvenated and restores the flooring to what it looked like when it was new. It accomplishes this quickly with no additional labor to normally deep clean a ceramic floor. In fact it will actually reduce the labor to deep clean.
  2. Performance Witnessed: This recent discovery happened during a demonstration of the product that actually cleaned a ceramic floor that was just cleaned by a traditional deep cleaning method. The results were incredible and clearly showed that the previously cleaned ceramic floor was not even close to being as cleaned as this new foam/fiber pad cleaned the floor. The grout lines were actually restored to its original color and the Foam/Fiber pad had trapped all the ground in soil from the floor onto the pad.
  3. Residential Pad Size and Type: Pads for power floor cleaning machines come in three diameter sizes…13”, 17” and 20”. They also come in various sizes for manual edge work that fit a doodlebug holder and also come in several smaller sizes for manual hand scrubbing sponges for the Residential market.

For additional information on this new pad contact Unichem Marketing, Inc. at 708-296-7408


Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning – Routine Cleaning Procedures – Residential


Step by Step Daily or Routine Cleaning Procedures

  1.  Dust mop or Sweep Floor. Using a putty knife or scraper, scrape any debris adhered to the floor such as gum, labels, etc.
  2. Fill a bucket with quality grade Neutral Floor Cleaner using according to label directions. Using a wet mop, damp mop the cleaner solution uniformly on floor with the mop or new innovative foam/fiber hand pad (Described in the first section of the article).
  3. Inspect floor after it has dried. If any residue is present, repeat rinsing step by damp rinsing with a mop and bucket filled with clear potable water.

Equipment, Tool and Chemical List

  • Buckets and Wringers
  • Wet Mops
  • Dust Mop (Untreated) or Broom – (Microfiber is Preferred)
  • Putty Knife
  • Dust Pan
  • Quality Grade Neutral Ceramic Floor Cleaner
  • Water
  • Personal Protection Equipment

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