The purpose of this article is to explain a relatively new developments and engineering in the power equipment floor cleaning industry; small automatic scrubbers. A common issue for ceramic floor cleaning is how to keep them clean for a longer period of time between deep cleaning cycles. No matter how well you perform daily ceramic floor cleaning, a certain amount of soil will penetrate into the pores of the ceramic floor causing the need for deep cleaning. If daily cleaning of ceramic floors is not performed with optimal results, then the need for deep cleaning the floor is more often.


Additionally, a misconception for commercial end-users is that floor areas with ceramic floors are a small amount of the total floor space to be clean. This misconception exists because many of the areas that have ceramic floors in a facility are small in size, like those in restrooms or foyers. However, in a high-rise office building there can be over a 100 restrooms which make the total ceramic floor cleaning area rather large. Couple this with restrooms being small and confined spaces to work in which normally takes longer to perform the floor cleaning task.


Recent product development to the commercial cleaning industry has had a positive effect on ceramic floor cleaning with the introduction of small automatic scrubbers.

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Ceramic Floor Cleaning – Machine Cleaning – Quicker with Improved Results


Small Automatic Scrubbers is a tool that speeds up the cleaning process in smaller confined areas that were normally too small in size to fit an automatic scrubber in the area. The following are additional advantages of using and investing in this new small scrubber technology. This new concept of using a small automatic scrubber for cleaning restroom and small areas of ceramic flooring has been responded to with great enthusiasm by both commercial facilities managers and janitorial service contractors. In fact one the most recent remarks when discussing small scrubbers with a cleaning professional manager were that they were “Game Changers” for the cleaning industry.


  • Superior Daily Cleaning results as compared to the results from mop and bucket cleaning.
  • Faster cleaning than using a standard mop and bucket method for ceramic floor cleaning.
  • Extends deep cleaning cycles which saves cost.
  • Reduces labor because it increases the cleaning labor efficiency which lowers cost and drives profitability.
  • Simplifies the cleaning process.
  • Simplifies the training process.

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