We are excited to discuss this topic because Bona floor cleaning is a popular topic with people interested in floor cleaning and how to clean floors. So the goal of this article is to provide a brief introduction to Bona and a list of the types of products and tools they have available to the marketplace. I believe that at least in the United States Bona would agree that the majority of Bona’s business is derived from the residential sector. That does not mean that Bona does not sell their products to the commercial sector of the marketplace but residential homeowners is the bulk of their annual revenue.


Bona floor cleaning products clean a wide variety of floors. They also have a good selection of tools. Bona believes and they are correct in their product development thought process that a floor cleaning system produces better results, reduces overall cost and is good for the environment.


Bona floor cleaning products utilizes microfiber technology as an important component to their floor cleaning systems. If you are a regular visitor to keepingfloorsclean.com you will know that we are big proponents of microfiber cleaning.


Bona also manufacturers and markets a professional line of floor cleaning products for the commercial marketplace as well as other floor maintenance products such as polishes. We will be writing additional articles covering different topics on bona floor cleaning products in future articles but as stated earlier this discussion is dedicated as an introduction to Bona floor cleaning and provide a top-level overview of their systems and what type of floor their systems clean.  So Bona can provide the residential homeowner with a total floor maintenance system including daily cleaning and periodic maintenance with polishes.



Products and Tools

The following is a list of the type of floor cleaning products that Bona markets. It should be noted that the product descriptions below come directly from Bona’s website.


  • Hardwood Floor Cleaners – Bona’s Hardwood Floor Cleaners are specially formulated for effective cleaning. The residue-free formula protects your hardwood floor investment and is safe for your family, pets, and the environment.
  • Stone, Tile and Laminate Cleaners – Bona’s Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaners are the effective and easy choice for cleaning sealed hard surface floors. Safe for your floors, family, and the environment.
  • Hardwood Floor Mops & Accessories – Bona premium spray mops are durable, efficient, effective and easy to use.



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